2008: Year of the Idiot Posters Who Don't Know How to Search

This year is the fighting game renaissance with titles such as Tekken 6, Soul Calibur IV, Capcom vs Tatsunoko, King of Fighters XII, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, BlazBlue, Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Virtua Fighter 5 R, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Samurai Showdown Edge of Destiny, Battle Fantasia, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, and of course the big Kahuna – STREET FIGHTER IV --. Which game(s) are you guys anticipating the most? Which games do you have the highest hopes for?

Though I am very happy that so many fighters are coming out this year (or maybe early next year with all these delays :sad: ) My only concern is that the quality of some of these games isn’t what I had hoped for or expected. So far, IMO, Tekken 6 has demonstrated the highest quality game of the new fighters because it kept the key elements of its previous iterations, added new characters while keeping all of the old cast except Jinpachi, better graphics, new animations, new moves, more character customization, and more ACTION with the new combo system (Check out these 2 vids of amazing T6 action from yoshi - [media=youtube]LDtl0H6PLks - and - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98AS8ovk2Ow&feature=related[/media] - ).

Now this isn’t a thread intended to bash any of the games I will mention but I just want to make a couple of points. With a couple of games going in the 2.5D direction (SF4, Samurai Showdown EOD, B-Fantasia), I wonder if this is a trend that will “stick”. SF4 was the biggest shocker when it was announced as 2.5D and to be honest, it is still hard for me to look at (if I squint to make it blurry and imagine it being 2D, it looks ‘ok’) I’m sure the gameplay is going to be very good because I don’t think Capcom will let us down in that department but aesthetically, I think they made some poor choices (Guile and Ryu have gorilla faces) The knockdown animation after a sweep and the way Zangief walks looks so generic. Also Ryu’s hadoken looks so overly stylized now, it’s HUGE. (Do a side by side comparison of the knockdown animation from a sweep in 3s -vs- SF4 and you’ll see what I mean). Another game headed in the 2.5D direction is Samurai Showdown EOD. The classic SS had such an amazing anime style and unique gameplay. SS:EOD looks a little floaty. Strangely, the trailer to SS:EOD shares a lot of similarities to SF4 with the overly stylized look and Okami-style effects. Even the character select screen has a touch of SF4 style. Here’s a link to the trailer in case you haven’t seen it http://www.gametrailers.com/player/30835.html . Of the 2.5D games I mentioned, visually, Battle Fantasia “looks” the best. Here’s a link to what it looks like [media=youtube]JwjJa9l1cSo[/media] . They seem to have gotten the 2.5D idea right. Let’s hope Capcom -vs- Tatsunoko (which will also be in 2.5D) learns a little from them so they can get it right too :wink: Personally I’d like to see another real 2D game but with HD graphics like BlazBlue and KOF XII will have. Just imagine a game as smooth and well animated as 3s but as sharp as Guilty Gear.

So guys let me know what you think of the upcoming games and which ones you are looking forward to the most ? :rofl:

god where do you guys come from please stop

“you guys”? please elaborate on what you mean by “you guys” I hope it doesnt have to do with your join date: 2001 -vs- my join date of 2007 or that you’re a “premium member” because the whole “trying to point out a random newb” bit is pretty lame. if you must know where I come from I’m from NYC and I play in Chinatown Fair. I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone. I don’t think I have to put “in my opinion” before every statement I made. Besides, forums were made to share and discuss ideas about a topic. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you. Now to those who have some real -feedback pertaining to what I posted- positive or negative. Please Respond :slight_smile:

im waiting for blazblue, KOFXII, and HD remix, for the 3d ones im waiting for tekken6 and sc4, i really dont care for sf4 too much, i will end buying it, but its a nah for my taste.

bb, gg and kof run on 60fps, its just that they dont have that amount of frames per animation, not even sf3 has that ammount, but i understand what you mean, it will be really great to see a fighting game with an animation like odin sphere, and with a great deep in mechanics like gg

He means “you guys” who keep making threads about how many FGs are coming out. Trust me, WE ALL KNOW how many FGs are coming out. If you have noticed this is the 3rd thread about this.

It’s never about where you’re from. It’s that every couple of months someone starts a “Hey guys, there’s a bunch of fighters coming out” thread. If you look around there is already a thread for most of them.

I understand where you’re coming from and I did see other posts talking about other games specifically. I didn’t present this thread as "Hey guys did you know X,Y,and Z are coming out this year? The fact that anybody made it as far as a forum on a site like this is a good chance they are an avid fighting game enthusiast and would know which games are coming out already. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in how I worded my post. What I want to know is which game or games you guys (the fighting game community) are anticipating the most, and why? :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing up what he/she may have meant by “you guys”. I wasn’t replying to him/her in a hostile manner, I was just defending myself :slight_smile:

jesus christ learn to use paragraphs

also i dont know what you think ‘60fps’ means but it has nothing to do with quality of animation, pretty much every fighting game ever has run at 60fps


hehe sorry I meant how many animations used in the game. i don’t know all the technical terms but i meant how 3rd strike has fluid smooth animation (chun-li’s walk, twelve’s standing RH, etc.) as opposed to SF 2 world warriors where there are only a few animations per attack. :slight_smile:

Why the hell does anyone need to make a thread about the number of fighters coming out? That’s pretty much like just making a thread here saying “I like fighters”. Pointless and useless.

Acutally if they’re on the home consoles than the majority of them likely run at 30fps just like the majority of last generation games.

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This is the new FGD trend now, huh?

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Only because SK is probably busy with other shit.

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uh, no, they run on 60fps (at least on ps2, xbox and gamecube)

The thread was already doomed, but you managed to rain destruction down upon it even further. Kudos to you.


EDIT: Rated low at this thread because grammar has been a factor.