2009 EVO Ken?

Anyone manning up as ken for the tournament, I see that ed ma’s still in the brackets but he switched to akuma right? Anyone else gonna play as the blonde beast at evo?

Did Dr. Chaos go? I hope Ed Ma switches it up in a few matches. If he could pull big wins with Ken that would be epic.

Fuck yea, looks like Dr. Chaos got through pool play in winners. hopefully we’ll get to see him play on the stream. Good luck Chaos, show evo that kens serious business in the right hands :D.

I lost to Dan(ryu player from Japan) I did manage to beat Keno, Somuchdamge and DJ B 13 though. :karate:

“Dan from Japan” is crazy underrated, I’m pretty sure he’s up there with the best of the best…but man I wish you would have not ran into him so early…There’s like NO ken’s there…

This is depressing…wth is version 2 already with the balance fixes.

Edma isn’t going back to ken…besides the HP advantage, he’s an inferior character…sell-out lol…he said on a forum he was just testing out gouki…

When you COMIN BACK ED!!! lol…

btw-just j/k if you ever read this…I know Ken is not the best option in tourney’s.

Yea i specifically asked Ed Ma on the Gootecks forums if we would ever see his Ken again in tournaments and he said no.

I was rooting for you Chaos the whole time, you’re kens only hope. Glad to see you beating some big names showing that Ken can do some damage. I was almost thinking to jump the akuma bandwagon as well but you showed that its not necessary to get some good results. too bad your matches were not on the stream :(.

Nice work Chaos, looking forward to some videos of your matches. I can only watch so many fucking Ryus before I glaze over. Good to know you’re sticking by your character and taking him as far as possible.

Would also love to play some rounds with you on XBL, even though I am on the WC.

Lol I don’t think any were recorded but I do have me vs daigo ft3 mm I’ll upload later.

goddamn i didn’t see any ken’s on the stream. did i miss one? how disappointing. i hope ken doesn’t end up being sf4’s sean.

Well that sucks… I thought they would try to record more matches.

Much respect Chaos! Glad to hear you made it out of pools. And yeah seriously, Dan is HUGELY underrated and I think if he had more experience with console characters which isn’t really an excuse since your playing a U.S. tournament he would’ve been right there with Daigo possibly at the top. It really does say something though when you barely see one or two Kens in the entire amount of entrees. (counting the good ones lol)

I was really rooting for you man to rep Ken throughout and I’m glad you got as far as you did, much love! And How was your match vs Dan? I caught him on stream all weekend and I know his game is beyond solid. I’d just love to hear how the actual match went.

Its a shame I didn’t get to see you play @_@ I really like playing as ken and It would have been interesting to see him played on a pro level.

It does…Ken is stuck in the middle. Is he a zoner? Well sort of…he has a medium speed FB with slow recovery and a great step kick. Is he an offensive rush-down character? Sort of, he has great speed and two cross-up options along with quick pokes, easy combos and kara throws.

Why won’t you see a lot of Kens–because he doesn’t excel at being a zoner or a rushdown, but has a little bit of both. I think they tried to make Ken just as balanced as Ryu, but stripped a few too many tools away from him, mainly Crazy kicks and an anti-zone tool.

I know I probably pissed people off with all my rants when I first joined here, but I was really trying to get people to see your gonna have a tough time with Ken against the top tiers. Don’t take your losses to seriously, improve yes, but realize what type of game your playing, and what tools your character has.

Don’t get discouraged though…Ken can win at Evo if some1 takes him there. Just know, that you can’t make anywhere near as many mistakes as some characters, and neither do you have as many tools.

Very true. The long fireball recovery I think is what hurts him the most. It should really be the same as Ryu, since they gave Ryu a quicker dragon punch. Maybe japan just hates Ken after 3S :sad:

The only complain I have is why they nerf ken’s ultra into two versions? Should have be full ultra anytime.

congrats to Chaos for keeping Ken alive at EVO 2k9.

Fuck it man. Props for reppin’ Ken at evo. Although you weren’t on the stream were all matches recorded to be put onto IGN later on? If so I might have to cough up the money to see your matches, as long as the video quality is there :tup:

Good job on keeping ken alive man, hopefully i can watch some of the matches later

Please do! You’re my inspiration, Doc. While I have dabbled in the dark arts of Ryu, Akuma, and Zangief (I know, weird, right?), I consistently come back to Ken when it’s time for my A-game.

Thanks for reppin’ Ken, hopefully I can do the same at next year’s Evo.

Yipes was playing Ken too from what I saw.