2009 SD Comic Con TE stick question

Hello All,

I have two never used Te sticks (360) from the 2009 Comic con in San Diego. I originally paid $179.99 each and was looking to get my money back. Its been awhile since I been on these forums and I just wanted to check what I should list the sticks for.

I was planning to use them for a set up I was going to do but we moved and well, they have been sitting in my closet since. I’m not trying to make money I just need get rid of them. Any info would help. Thanks.

Because these sticks were only available at Comic Con people will pay a lot for them, last I checked I saw one posted on Amazon for around $325. I would list them at least at the amount you paid for them originally if you don’t want to make a profit.

When the TE first came out, people were paying $300+ because we were told only a certain amount were being made. Look around now, everyone has one. Now your sticks are true limited editions, only 250 made for each system. I would hate to see you sell it for normal price, just to have the buyer turn around and sell it for profit.

wow, had no idea the TE was limited. I thought the crazy prices was due to demand being way too high for the available supply. But ya, the comic con version was definitely limited which is too bad because I liked the color/design choice of the ComicCon version but can’t see myself paying so much. Guess i’ll try painting my TE white when the weather warms up a bit.

With so many TE floating around only serious stick collectors are going to be willing to pay top dollar for this. On SRK the last Comic Con XBOX360 sticks went for $180.00 shipped. Another guy from SRK has been trying to sell his on ebay for the last month, at $230.00 and has not gotten any takers. You can try and put it up on Amazon for the price above, but that stick on amazon has been sitting there for a looooooong time. But if you decide to sell them for $180.00 I will buy one, to complete my set.