2009 SRK GD Awards: Most Intelligent Poster

Should be self explanatory, who is the Anti Michael Moore.

As always original thread here:


voted for the robustest

what? only one vote for merdoc?

Goodmourning gets my vote.

All these cats inspire me to put down my game pad and read a book.

+1 for Azrael

Contributed my robust vote for wisedom.



Merdoc is too robust for this poll

I voted for Madlib.

Having met (and roomed with) Dat gave him an advantage for me. His posts are the tip of the iceburg.

too many smart mofos in this poll. i gotta think about it :sad:

What in the name of Fuck am I doing on that list? o.O

I’m flabbergastered that merdoc doesn’t have more votes.


I voted for goodm0urning because no one makes me feel as average of a poster as that kid.

edit: mad respect for all the others, especially WS, Dataika and Azreal…those cats make me feel dumb too…

I can’t remember who did this, but he got a 100% on the geography test that was posted a few years back and whenever I really pay attention to him he displays a level of memory and intelligence that I rarely ever see. If anyone can remember who did that I’d be appreciative, my vote goes to him.

It was probably merdoc.


Who poseesses the SRKnowledge?


Even though I’ve won one of these polls before, I gotta admit these things are getting old. The same people get nominated for intelligent (angrylib, dataika, azrael, goodm0urning), the same get voted for flamelord (adam warlock), and the same get voted for useless (g3nshiro) over and over again. The winners might change a little bit but I think we should come up with new awesome categories like “Person who is most likely to eat another human being” or “Best use of the word ‘clitoris’”.


Wow you guys got Insom- to post, well done.


it isn’t the smarties’ fault people nominate them for smartness, but i like your idea on category changes. maybe make them separate like the Razzy Awards contrast the Emmy Awards.

i gotta go m0urning on this one.