2009 SRK GD Awards: Most Owned Poster

Who followed in the footsteps of legends such as Sony/Fatherbrain/Roxie in getting owned in every way.

As always original thread here:


Wow, this is tough.

HadoukenFan and Dr. B both got roasted pretty hard.

I’m gonna have to go with Dr. B though because he gets roasted so hard that his threads get deleted.

Not locked…deleted.

Hadokenfan got owned so hard he went crying back to the Club Nintendo forums.

…and jae, how about reading over your typing before you hit OK?


Even though the most owned posters was the white knight retards that gave Ebonics money to go to japan, ill vote for ebonics. Thread got hilarious after it was moved to gd.

I voted Ebonics but then suddenly realised “How is getting a bunch of people to get you over to japan for SBO for free, just by posting as a girl on the internet getting owned?”

Was STA in '08 or '09? Even if it was in '08 he still may deserve the title again. :tup:

These polls do not work right and never close lol. This poll is closed and Dr B wins.

You should bunch in all the fucking idiots blinded by their bitch ass yellow fever so that dude could get a free trip. Seriously, what a bunch of marks.

The most owned poster award goes to… 99% of SRK.



LOL yo i keep hearing about that thread…anyone got the link?

Damn son it got deleted I think. No trace.

Yeah, this Ebonics shit is totally backwards. “She” owned up most of SRK. I’LL TAKE PRETTY PICTURES, PAY FOR MY TRIP PLZ.

damn :sad:

I just wanted to see the posters who agreed to pay for that shit really…seriously, wtf?

Glovegirl SBO - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=202769

Not only that but the people defending “her” was great too. She ended up getting more money than the US SBO team. After SBO was done, someone created another thread to discuss the aftermath and that was quickly deleted.

hahah that shits hilarious.

Ayo, so all you guys who sent money and was hitting on this dude…how do you niggas feel about yourselves right now? Serious question.

continues to read thread

So what exactly happened to this guy afterwards? Did he get banned? Did the people who donated get their money back? I only know of the original thread.

dudes got kara thrown

never seen so many white knights in one thread


Seriously though talk about turning life’s lemons into lemonade.