2009 SRK GD Awards: Most Underrated Poster

Whom is one of the unknown gems of srk, a shinny crystal in a room full of shit.

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the mexicant, EASY

If Warpticon was beloved by all and got blowjobs hourly* he’d still be underappreciated.


    • he would probably refuse these, on the off chance that a girl might spit out his semen and use it to forcefully impregnate herself.

what gud


Though Loler is a strong second, for his epics avatars alone.

Doesn’t winning this award make them NOT underrated?

This thread is a lie.

Anyways, I’ll vote for Vynce, since his is the only name up there I have never seen before.



Vynce is legend - LEGEND I SAY.

I want to vote for TS to continue the irony of him winning the underrated poster award year after year.


Though I’m tempted to give myself my first vote (:rofl: & :sad:), SRKev gets my vote.

Dr. B doesn’t play the Sims. He doesn’t need another reality to be disappointed in.

Dr. B gimmick > all other gimmicks. Ship it.


I voted for you specs, the consistent Dr. B facts are just too strong.

Please believe.

voted for pablo the mex because of the (not so) subtle american flag/eagle background to his avatar. It’s like hes overcompensating to prove he’s an american, despite what his name says…

plus, his posts are consistently funny.

edit: what does underrated mean again?

What? Im the most overrated underrated poster here. Naw jk, my vote goes to specs due to the fact that the testicle he got removed is an atomic bomb and he will [media=youtube]Vgv-YdGPggs#movie_player&t=2m0s"[/media]if I dont vote for him…


That “eagle background” is clearly the Mexican flag.

Did you just blackout through elementary school or something?

I’m fucking cracking up here son. Why are you even on this poll? Your posts have been certified since 1996.

But yeah that avatar is inspired by none other than Tito Ortiz. The dude comes out with the Mex and US flags on the same pole. That is beast. Might have to make my own one of these days.

I will always have respect for Tito because he does that, you gotta keep it 100% Trill? and rep where you’re from.

damn, i can go for an ego boost myself.:confused:

hmmm i don’t know what to make of this category cause SRKev has been 2 legit 2 quit since he came out the nutsack and you got people like pablo who are up for other awards so how can he be underrated? specs definitely gets props for still doing the dr. b thing. I think he’s the only one that actually still does the gimmick from when boel was doling them out. everybody else dropped it like after a week.

He baits, bitches, waiters, ANYONE with his skin.