2009 SRK GD Awards: Post of the Year

Which post did you think was best? (Sorry, no Jae-style 1-liner here. [jew]Those cost extra [/jew])

Shin Daigomon
Calling You Stupid
SRK Lounge: The Audiobook
Boel Approves of Incest
How to Flunk English

As always original thread here:



P.S.: Also sorry for ruining the Jae Hoon tradition of having typos and errors in the poll choices.

How to flunk english. All the way. I especially like how he removed his first name but his post is quoted right after unedited.

someone needs to inform Dr. Funkhouser he’s up for an award. :rofl:

i’m guessing it’s this guy:

i cosign on how to flunk english… that was utterly classic

I haven’t laughed at a post as much as Boel’s response to the whole cousin thing in the Lounge. :rofl:

The only one I thought was funny was the how to funk English one.

That one by Bob Sagat was funny… so since Daigo’s nuts are really Dragon Balls if I sack ride Daigo my wishes will come true?

lol ronald

boels is the only one that was genuinely funny

Funkhouser all day.

all shit really. The English one was OK. I guess more people should have nominated, there were some quality posts this year.

Can’t decide between Boel and Funkhouser. Both are fucking epic. :lol:

I voted boel but funkhouser is legit

Voted for Boel

I wonder if…

Voted for Funkhouser.

I guess I’ll go with the english post but I wish I could revote for count scratchula’s post from a few years back for post of the year, every year. specially in this weak field.


Last link.


These awards are all garbage, all you people who pick these people are garbage, all of you are garbage

i was about to vote for the audiobook one, but the funk doc came in with the ownage fo’real lol