2009 SRK GD Awards: Poster of the Year

Who is the best of the best, whom resides in Bisonopolis and only pays in Bison Dollars, whom will wise from their gwave.


As always original thread here:


There really is no contest. deadfrog.

srsly where does kromo post? ive never seen any of his posts

Bole take this easy. It’s FREE!

Me damnit! :arazz:

i got a vote! :woot:

i voted for myself too! :woot:

this is a tough one. boel hits the homeruns but SA, sept and deafrog have the higher batting % and RBIs. and kromo is overrated. dude has too much time on his hands to make those posts. SRK is about swooping in and calling someone a bitch ass nigga then peacing out, not weaving together a little intricate story. dude trying to be the 1 man grimm brothers of srk.

It’s Superboel weekend.


Check the anime and manga thread or any thread which may involve, lets say questionable content, this will also show you how he got nominated :P.

(Voted for Kromo)

must have been a p. bad year AMIRITE guyz

voted boleslaw, he gave us the spanish thread and the premium boobs thread :tup:

Went with Shaft Agent, although Bole’s randomness nearly snatched it.

No way, SRK has always been about gimmicks. Its not just swooping in and calling somebody a bitch, its about HOW you do it. If you just want one liners, thats fine. Just don’t complain when everybody just hops aboard some bandwagon and then the mods have to ban some kind of meme because everybody thinks its the cool thing to do. Anyway, I’m not overrated, I’m over represented.

Anyway, with all of these polls I’ve begun to hate democracy more and more. What’s the point of a popularity contest if you aren’t popular? This is rigged against me.
Oh well…back to bitter aloofness and passive aggressive sarcasm.

shut up, bitch.

aight, i’m out dis bitch. peace out, bitches! :cool:

take notes, youngster. gotta make it seem effortless.

boaster of the year

Like you’re one to talk. I never laugh at a single thing you post.

Voted Kromo.

I think the academy has overlooked a few candidates for nomination…
Roger Ebert suck my dick!


Boel is definitely boster of the year.