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Hey guys.
Decided to make a thread about this seasons animes Specifically My top 3

So im not a manga reader so if you would be kind enough to keep any possible spoilers out the thread that would be nice.

With that being said any fans of the shows whats you speculations for where its heading and what do you think

Here are mine
Level E : Umm… pretty interesting show with what happened in EP3 im assuming hes coming back to room on earth with the main character… or at least hope so! I hope for more encounters with the different races of anime i want to see what they can do now with the show since that whole first 3 episodes beef with the other aliens was all just a joke

Beelzebub: This is definitely up there on my List pretty humorous however the whole electric crying thing can get repititve. I like that the plot seems to be that he is trying to dump the baby on someone stronger but i dont want that to take up to much of the anime. I hope it transitions to him accepting the baby and is matched with more worthy opponents like demons ?

Gosick: I love it brings me back to my case closed days…somewhat. Rachel i mean victorica is great i love her character or maybe i just like lolicon…lol jk. but yeah i find this to be interesting… however i hope it has more to it than just a bunch of random mysteries and actually has a main story. In the last episode they reveal who she is pretty much and why she lives the life she does…all very briefly.

So with that whats your thoughts / speculations guys ?




Yeah its a great thread but…
Not for nothing but thats based on Anime in general.
I was trying to make a thread for people to exchange words strictly on this seasons new animes alone.
If its a bad idea i wont mind having the thread deleted and just posting in the anime general
i just thought it would be a good idea personally.


Delete this thread yourself.


loser pays…




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