2010 Arcade income translation (The results may surprise you)



I took the raw data and summed 2 of the game series together, because you can see that they stopped playing VF5R in the last few months and all that income moved to VF5FS. Same for Melty Blood Actress Again and MBAA Current Code.

  1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
  2. Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT
  3. Virtua Fighter 5 (R+ Final Showdown)
  4. BlazBlue Continuum Shift 1
  5. Street Fighter 4
  6. Melty Blood (Actress Again + Actress Again Current Code)
  7. King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
  8. Gundam SEED DESTINY Federation vs. ZAFT 2
  9. Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2010
  10. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
  11. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
  12. Hyper Street Fighter 2
  13. Power Smash 3 (Virtua Tennis)
  14. Arcana Heart 3
  15. King of Fighters XIII (only 4 months old)
  16. Virtua Striker 4 ver.2006
  17. King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match
  18. Gundam Extreme Vs (only 2 months old)

Raw data, by specific titles:

  1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
  2. Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT
  3. BlazBlue Continuum Shift 1
  4. Street Fighter 4
  5. Virtua Fighter 5 R
  6. King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
  7. Gundam SEED DESTINY Federation vs. ZAFT 2
  8. Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2010
  9. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
  10. Melty Blood Actress Again
  11. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
  12. Hyper Street Fighter 2
  13. Power Smash 3 (Virtua Tennis)
  14. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
  15. Arcana Heart 3
  16. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
  17. King of Fighters XIII (only 4 months old)
  18. Virtua Striker 4 ver.2006
  19. King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match
  20. Gundam Extreme Vs (only 2 months old)

Note that this data is NOT from arcadia magazine, who’s data is currently wacky as hell.


Damn, KoF13 needs some love.


With the way everyone was bashing SFIV in the front page post, you’d think SFIV would be near the bottom, when it’s actually in 4th…

I think it’s very cool that older titles such as 3S and ST are still in the top 20.

Thanks for the translation, Tataki!


nope not surprised. i want a refund


Woot Tekken at top. Playing Tekken is an kinda an embarrassment in general to FG here as to how the game is treated.


nice to see the vastly superior kof2002um many spots higher than the shiny new kof13. dont get me wrong, kof13 is nice and all but i wish the rest of the world would apppreciate that new doesn’t always equal better.


Personally I was surprised about VF and MB doing so well.

I don’t recall people dissing Tekken here.

Check the table in the image. 13 is only 4 months old and since it got out, it made more income than 2002 during those months.


Yea Tekken is dissed alot here actually especially by SF fans. 3D button masher and all.
Not in this section of forums of course.

Wish the game was more recognized as a good FG here in the states.


Virtua Fighter is doing so well in Japanese arcades that it keeps Sega’s entire arcade infrastructure afloat. Without VF5R and Final Showdown, Sega would have had to close almost all of its arcade, or risk bleeding itself dry. It will be interesting to see how well Final Showdown does on consoles this summer.


details. spill it.


SF4 forums<>SRK community
Just saying…


they have Wiining Eleven on Arcades :smiley:


I love how ST is always on this list…the staying power is insane lol


YouTube - supersf2turbo’s Channel


I subbed awhile back but, never too early for some st vids



Whats the top 10 at the bottom is about? I lol’d to see KOF Skystage there


Technically it is not ST on the list but rather HSFII, Hyper Street Fighter II, or Anniversary Edition as most people know it. There is a distinct difference between HSFII (AE) and SFIIX (ST). If you added up the ST totals to this list combined with the AE totals, it would probably exceed 3S in Japan’s arcades.

In January of 2004 Capcom released a new arcade version of SFII that contained all of the SFII characters in it from WW to ST. That is the game found on this list. The game was on CSPII hardware, same as ST, but the board had better features for larger arcade operators which is why they use it now instead of ST. HSFII has a free play option, multiple coin chute configurations (this is a big one), and the ability to change round settings. HSFII oddly enough does not have an event mode. But the point is that most arcade operators switched out their ST boards with AE in early 2004. I would estimate that roughly 75% of SFII setups are AE with the rest being ST across all of Japan’s arcades.

The big arcades like Club Sega game centers almost always have entirely AE setups, or two AE setups for every one ST setup. It’s the ST centric places like Mikado, Game Versus, Game Newton, Kasugai 50, and so on, that have ST machines far outnumbering AE machines. At the known ST hotspots the game has a strong scene in Japan still. ST is the best.

PS3. 360. Development was delayed for a while so it probably will not be out on retail shelves before EVO (though it easily could have been). Announcement has been delayed forever as well. Not a surprise as it is Sega so they have to make as many mistakes as possible. Not even rumors going around about another minor revision for 5FS so Sega might be all set on that front.

Maybe Sega can actually do something right and bring some setups to EVO for the fans. :confused:


Hah, I hope no one is holding their breath about this >.>


From my understanding it’s some other kind of rating (not overall income, I think it’s average income per month) of games that came out to the arcades this year, in 2010.
Quick translation:
1.newest gundam
8.That new colorful Akatsuki Blitzkampf
9. Akai Katana (Cave shmup)
10. Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu (Cave shmup)

Fixed in main post.


Hey VF4, weren’t you the guy who said that Tekken 6’s reported income was overblown thanks to sample bias (or something like that), and that the real money maker was SFIV? I’ve never seen that reported anywhere else, so if it was you, could you elaborate? If not, please disregard. Thanks.