2010 EVO Ken?

Obviously, EVO is a pretty exciting calendar event, and especially interesting because of the fedora for best Ken bonus prize this year.

I’m in europe, and in crunch mode at work, so staying up late to watch the stream isn’t really an option for me. I was wondering if anyone had recorded any Ken matches off the stream? I heard that the Dr Chaos match was especially impressive, and would love to see it.


Dr. Chaos vs a Claw/Blanka player was very exciting!, he’s making an awesome job representing all Ken Masters fans around the world, i saw a bunch of ryus, rufus, and chuns, but only Dr. Chaos was playing Ken as far as i saw.

I hope Dr. Chaos make it to the finals!

I would like to request that Sicx fight. SRK trade into air ex tatsu to ultra was pretty sick.

Good job to…

Chaos, Sicx, Joon…

good stuff i’m getting back out of retirement and getting my ken in shape.

Sicx vs. Kai

Matthewrulz rebroacasted EVO on JTV. You can sift through those to find some all the ken matches probably. The quality isn’t as choppy as other vids.

Props to all the players. lilsicx represented Ken the best on the big screen. He tore it up! Trade EX tatsu to ultra was good. Also neutral jump kara tatsu cross-up was a nice trick. Joon was the second best IMO with his match against Tatsu, but he messed up a lot. He also fought Ricky Ortiz first but got bodied pretty hard. But I like the SRK to (kara?) EX SRK to ultra in the corner, didn’t see that coming. Dr. Chaos was good too against the Blanka, but not as “flashy” as lilsicx or Joon. Just solid ass play. The EX SRK after the ex tatsu to combat Blanka’s ultra was sick, clutch shit! There as another Ken player, CP I think it was? He went against Floe’s Rufus–he was decent. Didn’t make it past that though.

So, who’s getting the the hat?! Joon or Dr. Chaos? I think Joon used Ken exclusively whereas I heard Chaos used another character is some matches.

Dude sicx vs Kai. Impressive man, good you guys are reppin’ Ken at EVO. I missed the fights yesterday, but I’ll be checking the thread. Awesome win man, against a well known player as well.

^ Sicx didn’t proceed? That sucks, my votes were on him. And yea doesn’t Dr. Chaos use some other chars now? was out for a while lol.

I hear Chaos likes Adon & Akuma, but I doubt he’ll use them at Evo.

word! good shit sicx, couldn’t make it out to evo…last min shit went down but glad to see you whoop on kai boy!! HAHA congrats, who won the hat tho!?

Stayed up way too late and watched it.

Pretty sure Dr. Chaos was the last Ken standing. He went out of the losers bracket against Infiltrator’s Akuma (didn’t see that match… I’m in the uk so I saw the sun rise when I watched his previous match).

Congrats to all the Kens! Some crazy impressive stuff from Dr. Chaos in particular - landing the lp, c.FP, tatsu BNBs is not to be sniffed at.

Chaos’s Akuma is good enough for tourney, so I think he might’ve used him. I dunno, but yeah lilsix is my nigga–definitely favorite Ken. In fact he’s the reason why I’m done with SF4 for a while.

Six is hands down one of the smartest Ken players I’ve met, has a lot of strats for the different characters, and despite that will almost certainly lose in big tourney’s to Ken’s bad matchups. Great game, it really is, but I think the Revenge Meter/Ultra system is just a flawed design. With some characters it’s a core part of your strategy, others not so much. Playing Akuma as Ken is almost not even fun–lol.

But congrats to you six–you deserve more man. Next time I pick up SSF4 I’ll probably be maining Ryu as well to help with Ken’s bad matches, I think you mentioned that too–it should help you out greatly. But for now, I’m going back to my Single Player games bro. Hit me up for some sparring man;-)

btw–can’t forget about the Good doctor. Most patient Ken player I’ve ever faced…execution is darn near flawless…deserves much more than the reputation of a “great Ken”…deserves a title man…Which is why he’s forced to mix up his character roster a bit I guess with Akuma/Adon. And I think he outplayed Ross at Evo too…Got a little Jittery IMO, Ross got a win handed to him.

All the kens represented and I’m proud of them.some kens had ez pools some didn’t but in a majjor that doesn’t matter what matters is hoo won.and seeing two kens in top 32 is two more than we had last year.congrats chaos good shit joon u my brotha from anotha motha and bannana ken did his thang.

damn those three kens looked good ! way to go

Mad props to Banana Ken as well, I don’t think he made it on the stream first day so didn’t notice him until yesterday. Where you from?! Very solid play. It’s kind of bittersweet that he lost to Vangief, but if he had won, Vangief would have never put Wong in losers, 2nd biggest highlight of the night. Then he lost to Infiltration. Man, Infiltration, putting it to the two Kens last night in top 32. I underrated him at first, but I think he’ll be in top 4 today. Did he use U2 (demon armaggedon) because if Ken tried to punish/OS teleports, Akuma could cancel with ultra? That’s the only thing I can think of. Dr. Chaos vs. Mike Ross–man, that was a heart-stopper. 3rd biggest highlight of EVO probably. I think Chaos dropped the ball/choked, but I don’t blame him. It would have been clutch no matter who won.

EDIT: Nice Ken @ Women’s invitational lol. She perfected a Chun last round in losers finals. Some nice BnB thar. I don’t think she’s gonna get first, but 2nd.

Here are some Evo 2010 Ken vids:

Banana Ken:

Banana Ken vs Vangief


Banana Ken vs Infiltration


Btw for those of you who dont know where Banana Ken is from, well he is from Puerto Rico Like VvV Scrub :slight_smile:


Dr.chaos vs Infiltration


sorry if its been posted somewhere else but does anyone have the chaos vs mike ross match?

anyone happen to record andyocr (bison) vs Seth (ken) from evo pools 1st day?


Man, Dr. Chaos is so sick[media=youtube]ZJlglfge-cI&feature=player_embedded"[/media] Too bad he couldn’t make it to top 8! Ah well, I BELIEVE in Mike Ross too though (play some Honda myself).

I captured this vid of Chaos vs. Josh P. Very exciting match too.


I’m starting new in Super by playing Shotos like Sagat, Ryu, and Ken, and watching that vid made me interested in starting with Ken and Sagat. I’ve been using charge characters for the longest time and figure it’s time ton give fireball characters a try lol.

Pad Shoto player here!

Dude i thank you for posting this match:D