2010 Hakan EVO Roll Call

So besides myself are they’re any other Hakan players going to Evo?

I’ll be there…

My goal is to not go out 0-2. lol Pools are going to be BRUTAL this year, with so many players and just 32 pools.

i know that shit is going to be HORRENDOUS

I will pray for you both

Good luck guys go out there and rep our oily friend

I wish I was goin…sigh.

gl all

My sentiments exactly. I don’t even play hakan. But I know you’re gonna need it.

Good luck you guys! :bgrin:

I would like to go but im broke as fuck and unstable.

To be honest the only hakan I think that has a slim chance to make it out of pools is UltraDavid, but he’s been MIA from the hakan board for a while so I think he got some sense and went back to Zangief.

No he didnt.

shut the fuck up.

I will be attending as well. I promise I’ll do my best :smiley:

yeah i dont main Hakan either, but best of luck to both of yall. you WILL need it. btw, i would really love to see a Hakan make it out of pools. it would show everyone that tiers dont matter. your friends over on the Guy boards are in your corner ! best of luck <345

p.s.: stay oily, my friends

I haven’t left Hakan, I just haven’t been playing all that much lately. If I go to Evo, and I’m still not sure, I’ll be playing a mix of Dhalsim and Hakan. But I really don’t think I’m very good.

I would go if I didnt have to work, while the rest of my corporation is off for the second / third week of July. People that work in the IT field (networking specifically) do not get days or weeks off. $#($&#($#$(&&#(

Go rep TFA well MIKE!! I am pulling for you!

Thanks Shel You know i will rep TFA well :tup:

So to the hakans going once i land in vegas and get in my room i’ll post up on here my room number to run some casuals or run a think tank, this of coarse assuming we can hook up consoles to the TVs

Best of luck to all the Hakan players repping at EVO. Although I’m done with the tourney scene I would still have loved to attend the event in person but alas my limited budget says otherwise. I could just imagine Skisonic’s hype levels reaching new heights on the stream commentary if one of you guys happens to make it to the quarterfinals and beyond. Be sure to put in some heavy lab work the next couple of weeks and work on those DNC mixups especially oiled up slide FADC DNC to keep your opponents honest. Make your dawtuh’s proud! :wgrin: