2010 has left the building! HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER: 2011!

As of today, there are 11 days left of 2010. As per usual, by this time, everybody is looking back at their year in retrospect in every aspect of their life (work, games, school, personal relations, etc.) and suming up all the factors to see if it was a “yay” or “nay” (or if your name is Klint, probably “gay”). So…here is the thread to put your 2010 into S-Rank or in Roll tier, and give us some insight on what you expect for 2011. I’m not usually a big fan of “making BIG PLANS” because later on I will feel pretty bad if they don’t come to fruition, but hey…it doesn’t hurt to dream, eh?

For me, 2010 was an OK year. Nothing more, nothing less. Still stable with my GF, on/off jobs most of the time (still seeking the elusive $$$ cow), probably overall it wasn’t as bad as 2009 with all the economical shit going on in the world…but it isn’t that much better, either (sorry to all those CNN analysts who thought we are LOOKING UP!). But meh…it was OK.

Well, SSF IV came out this year…make of that what you must. MvC 3 is awaiting in 2011…again, make of that what you must, too.

I had a blast watching the World Cup, too. Huge fan of soccer, so no surprise there. Sucks that I have to wait 4 more years for it to happen again.

Oh yeah, and by 2011…I will carry out my long-life plan of setting out and killing VSLASH and Klint. Donations accepted!

So, how about it guys? How was your year? What do you expect of next year?

010 was ok for me, nothing to grand for me, same shit-different day

still being blessed and starting to lose some weight…

11’ I have big plans and im going to put them to fruition

Overall…shitty year for me.
Another year without a job.

Year has been pretty meh…

Not looking forward to anything next year thanks to my favorite franchises sucking, shoutouts to Capcom, the possibility of things in Korea escalating into a war along with other things…

Fuck this entire century…

I cKrAzY now dub you Lantis as the “Roadhouse Killer.”

2010 was aite. coulda done more, but ehh.

for school, I finally settled into a major that I enjoy, despite how difficult it is. but I think I figured out who to do well in these classes now.

no job still, I just did a lot of volunteer work like tutoring high school kids in math and SAT prep.

health wise I can run 6 miles now. as opposed to last year in December I couldn’t even run to the end of my block without wearing my lungs out. I also can fight “methodically” now cuz I’ve been doin’ muay thai for the past 3 months. not good enough to fight professionally, but enough understanding of the basics to have a good chance winning some random fight on the streets.

girls? still no relationships, this year I usually date a girl for a few weeks then stop seein’ her for one reason or another. the latest girl I’ve tried to get at is “complicated”. I hate it when ppl say that, but it’s true. long story short, I don’t know whether or not it’ll work out, but I already got a back up plan in case this girl falls through.

also, I would like to say I’ve mentally accomplished a lot. my mental state of mind is a lot stronger nowadays, and it’s hard to phase me.

“got a Chris Paul state of mind, I’m never out of bounds”-Game

overall 2010 was an important year for me, and even though I don’t have much to show for it, I think I’ve set myself up for a good 2011.

2010 was all over the place. I got into a car accident summer of 09, and most of this year I was still taking treatment for it. I gained a bunch of weight, but now I’m back to where I can work out every day and my back isn’t killing me.

work was fine, steady job and I expect another raise this february. the company I’m working for is doing some great stuff and my stock with them is finally making me some money.

no girlfriend, but Lord knows I tried.

I turn 30 in 2011, so I better make the best of the 10 months and 6 days I have to enjoy my 20’s.

2011 is the year I try to become a stand-up comic in NYC. Should be interesting. Have a bunch of open mics scoped out.


2010 was my roller coaster of Hell. Drama with my mom like whoa. That’s still an ongoing saga of sorta. College stressed me the fuck out. Relationship drama, but worked through them. Still with the same guy for over 2 years. I did make some great friends from 2 of my classes. So, it’s been picking up as the year closes out.

I’m really hoping that 2011 holds something better for me. One thing I know for sure, I’m only taking 4 classes next semester and not 6. I almost wanted to snap from all that pressure. But… I maintained a B or higher in all my class. Next semester, I’mma try to maintain an A in the class. Japanese might be a tough one to keep an A in but, I’m confident with fewer classes, I can focus more on all my subjects equally (or I hope so).

I turn 23 in April of '11… Uh. I’m excited to play MvC3. Looks like lots of fun to play. All the typical tourney outings with my boyfriend… Uh. Hope to get a job as well. Need dat $$$.


Got to hang out with DGV and other top players, got a decent amount of pussy, made some new friends, and learned some things about myself overall pretty good year not counting being jobless and single lol.

Noticing a trend here?

Come on, ckrazy, you know you want your revenge on VSLASH for the torment he has given you in fantasy basketball. Channel your inner NBA-less city rage into that mother fucker, AND WE SHALL THRIVE ON HIS BLOOD!

ITT: People who spend more time posting about not having a job than actually looking for one.

2010 was a godlike year and I’m excited for 2011.

My year fucking SUCKED. Put a lot of things into perspective, though. If there is any silver lining, it’s that I appreciate my life in ways I wouldn’t have a year ago.

I’ve been looking for one…

That’s what happens when you live on the verge of death. I’m past those points (hopefully) so it’s awesome.

Might want to broaden your search criteria further.

I applied at Poeyes…

Quit job from hell. Got a kickass job in its place.

Adorable and healthy baby daughter was born in October.

Me and my family are healthy, and I’ve avoided even the flu this year which I usually catch.

Things aren’t perfect overall (no money…) but overall it’s been a pretty solid year.

Well, if you set fast food places as an option, did you apply to every single fast food place within a certain distance? I can’t imagine every single McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeyes, KFC, Subway, etc, near you would turn you down. I’ve seen people work there who dropped out of high school, I’m sure you could also try to reapply or ask to privately speak to management and sell yourself.

You know what…I’m gonna leave it at this:

Don’t come here saying that I have not “broaden my criteria”.

Whether it’s Popeyes, CVS, Goldman Sachs, McDonalds, Stanley Steemer, J&J Fish, City Dept. of Sanitation, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Lowes, Target, Home Depot, Sears, Chase Bank, Toys R Us, GAP, Foot Locker, Post Office, UPS…just to name a few.

It’s still the same…and I just keep reaching out and applying.

speakin’ 'bout the flu, I got a story about that.

This past 3 months of school, I managed to avoid the flu. I was counting on being healthy bc I needed to take two 3-hr finals within’ 6 and a half hours. But the weeks leading up to the day of my finals I could feel that son of a bitch slowly creepin’ up on me, even tho no symptoms were showing.

day of the final I get past the first 3 hrs pretty well. 30 mins into the 2nd final, I’m dead. I got a sick migraine, I’m grabbin’ at my chest everytime I cough my lungs out, and I cringe for about 30 seconds til I can look at my exam again, and my nose was runnin’ faster than usain bolt. I’m pissed and satisfied at the same time. pissed cuz the flu hit me at the worst time possible and even tho the test wasn’t that hard I couldn’t think straight so I ended up bs’ing most of the problems, but I’m at least glad bc I could’ve completely failed that shit and had to retake the class. If I could afford another quarter here, I woulda taken a dive, but tuition fees hurt my ballz.

yea, 2010 can go fuck itself.

I gotta agree with ya on that one. let’s just say, I’m glad to know I have an army of friends who got my back.