2010 matches of the year


off the top of my head:

Banana Ken vs JSMaster Semi’s @ SB5

Vangief vs Ricky O. 1st set of GF @ NCR8

Dr Chaos vs Mike Ross Semi’s @ EVO


Gamerbee vs. Justin Wong @ Evo10


Valle vs Daigo @ SCR


MWC - Wolfkrone vs BP Amoco - [media=youtube]voHtH_SEz2U[/media]

Dunno about match of the year but hype as fuck, courtesy of Ski.


i’m going to go with what i enjoyed the most.

gamebee v justin @ evo. it may not have been the ‘best’ match (in fact i’m sure there have been a lot better)…but it was definitely the one where you could feel the tension in the crowd (who were clearly rooting for gamerbee). for me it wins hands down.

other notable mentions:

daigo’s set with sako online
team canada vs team japan @ canada cup
team usa vs rest of the world @ seasons beatings (regardless of choco blanka…i saw her ocv about 5 teams)

new years resolution: i never want to have to watch so much dhalsim ever again, both online and winning tournaments. i hope he’s ass in a.e…and yes this is because i always get owned by him and i’m still salty.


Great match, never seen it. Damn i have to use the (EX) Flying Powerbomb from time to time. That was totally hilarious when Amoco landed it twice.


[media=youtube]C0RJwks6nCk#t=4m29s]YouTube - [GODSGARDEN 2] Daigo (Ryu) Vs YHC Mochi (Dhalsim) [Day 2[/media]

Last round is just sick.





Please consider the content of the matches more than who is playing.


wong vs vangief was helluva intense.


most gamerbee matches , also mago v tokido was good at canda cup. mago v gamerbee 45 minute set. not really a match lol


I enjoyed Gamerbee vs. Mike Ross near the end of Evo 2k10. Very intense match shortly after Gamerbee made somewhat easy work of Henry Cen’s E.Honda…


Daigo vs Tokido at SCR 2010


i really liked gamerbee vs wong at evo





Probably not match of the year, but the one that shows off play at it’s highest. Out of all the matches this year, this was a real watch and learn moment for me.

Lvangundy - you meant this one right?


Holy shit on a stick, I was wondering about this match just this morning.


Typical Online Ken. It gets even funnier when they throw out taunts on kd, and any time you have the momentum, the match suddenly goes underwater.









You know, i generally hate mirrors, esp shotos, but i must say that was prolly the most exciting match I’ve seen on a stream this year.