2010 Name of the Year tournament! Bulltron Regional matches have begun!

2010 BRACKET IS UP AND OFFICIAL: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_R-A6mcKEyls/S6pNlnmFkAI/AAAAAAAAAAs/X5G5BHO_YvM/s1600/notybracketfinalhaterz.jpg

First batch of matches are up! Nohjay Nimpson vs. Lolita Respectnothing, Rich Tanguy vs Courvosier Riley.

Once again, it’s time for the greatest tournament of our time. College basketball is great and all, but it pales in comparison to the greater tournament, something that touches every one of us at some point in our lives: fucked up names.

Since 1983, the Name of the Year tournament has been occurring. It now sports a full 64 name bracket of inconceivable names. More importantly, this is one tournament where YOU make the difference. The winners of the matchups are determined by public voting.

Here is the 2009 bracket. Barkevius Mingo went on to win the whole thing, but my personal favorites included Chastity Clapp, Crystal Metheny, Gauntlett Mighty, Richard Titball, Hung The Dang, Katie Cumalat, and of course, the Reverend Valentine Handwerker.

2008 was my first year following the tournament, and I still don’t know how Steeve Ho You Fat didn’t take it all. It’s not just the “Steeve.” It’s not just the Ho, You Fat. It’s those, combined with This profile and picture. Other classics from the historic 2008 season include Firm Dinkins, Alpacino Beauchamp, Have-a-look Dube, Charley Willard Horse Dick, Poony Poon, Cash Dixon Ringo Starlight, Baffelly Woo, Hurtis Chinn, and Daniel Best-Spicehandler.


At first glance, I think I’m pulling for Chuck Fugger.

would Triforce be an auto-win for this, or will he fail to the likes of heavy hitters such as Crescent Dragonwagon, and Dr. Shasta Kielbasa?

Stay tuned?

Oh, the 2010 ballot isn’t even up yet. I just posted the last 2 years’ brackets for reference. It should be any day now. The rounds run concurrent with the NCAA tournament and are dated for the actual year they occur in.

I’m very excited for this as well.

Can’t wait for the 2010 bracket.

Early favourite…this dude’s name is GOD’S POWER!!!

Son of JUSTICE! Holy shit that is amazing.

Might be too on the nose to go very far, but still…just amazing to see all the nominations.

I’m a fan of Lolita Respectnothing, myself (doesn’t hurt that she’s presently a high school student).

Oh this is just great, we actully keep a list at work of all of the weird names we get and I can think of a couple right off hand that would be big contenders, unfortunately I can’t give out any names so I can’t even nominate someone :sad:

It’s been a minute, but the Official Name of the Year 2010 bracket is up.

I’m feeling the Dragonwagon regional has some pretty strong candidates. Starzanne Stipe, Aristotle Socrates, and Pamela Balls Organista as strong contenders, and Can Du has the attitude to surprise some people. I don’t know that anybody has the power to take on God’s Power Offor or Dick Smallberries, Jr. out of the Sithole regional, though. Charity Beaver gets limited love with a 16 seed, but I can still see her and Wave Ryder battling it out for the final four spot. I think Lolita Respectnoting and Charity Beaver, two 16 seeds, are very underseeded and stand a good chance of winning their first round matches.

Okay, matches for the Bulltron regional just went up.

Two matches for day one: Nohjay Nimpson vs Lolita Repsectnothing and Rich Tanguy vs Courvosier Riley.

It’s actually a four way poll, so you’re really voting up to the sweet 16 here. Personally, I have Nohjay Nimpson losing to vastly underseeded Lolita Respectnothing, Rich Tanguy taking out Courvosier Riley, and then finally Respectnothing disrespecting her way into the sweet 16.

Nohjay is killing them bitches right now.

theres something about Hannakuh Wallace I find hilarious. Like somewhere theres a black guy walking around dressed like an orthodox jew complete with jheri curl payos.

Where’s Buck Rupture on the tiers?

I keep imagining Pulp Fiction. WHAT DOES HANUKKAH WALLACE LOOK LIKE?

Ima predict an upset and say Banana Yaya makes it to the Final Four, I know He/She has my vote the whole way lol

This is absolutely scrumtrulescent.

I don’t have very strong feelings about the next batch of matches. Dirk Kool vs. Sequoyah Stonecipher, Jesus Leonardo vs. Indiana Faithfull. I may go with Faithfull just on account of history – born in Australia, living in Maine. With that name. I’ve definitely got Faithfull and Stonecipher going to the 2nd round, but I haven’t decided on a winner yet.

Hmm. Hitler vs Stalin, Hitler should have it on lock.

I also like Starzanne Stipes over Magnum Rolle.

Spontaneous Gordon just sounds awesome. But awesome in the sense that like I wished it was my name.

Dick Smallberries Junior…what is that, come on. That’s just excessive.

Nothing quite jumps out at me like Nohjay Nimpson does. I think they they got what it takes to go all the way.

Nohjay Nimpson is good, but it’s something like my 9th or 10th favorite from this class.

Main Character of Arcana Heart 4: Lolita Respectnothing. In a surprising turn of events, she’ll be a mature woman in her thirties with respectably large breasts.