2010 Name of the Year tournament! Bulltron Regional matches have begun!

IMO the biggest matchup of the tourney so far…i can’t pick…

Hitler Makofane vs. Stalin Felipe, Cynammon Crabb vs. Hannukkah Wallace, up! :lol: @ the possible 2nd round matchup of Hitler and Hannukkah.

i wanna see Hitler, Dick Smallberries Jr., Charity Beaver, and Can Du in the final four.

Its deadlocked between X’zavier Bloodsaw and Sequoyah Stonecipher for me. I was hoping we could enter ridiculous names that we made up on the spot.

I guess the world will have to wait to see Dr. Fancypants T. McGulliverson.

The “T” is for Tits.

shouldnt Batman Bin Supaman win hands down?

Final Bulltron matchup went up last night. Nu’Keese Richardson replaced Two Willis since Two apparently isn’t his first name…it’s just what people call him since he’s a II. So we have Nu’Keese, Dr. Speedy Nutz, X’Zavier Bloodsaw, and Daron Populist. I’m a big fan of Bloodsaw and Nutz (no homo), and choosing between the two is tough.