2010 NCAA Tournament Thread: Duke Wins :/


Top #1 seeds

  1. Kansas
  2. Kentucky
  3. Duke (?)
  4. Syracuse


We do have a college basketball thread, but w/e.



yea i know, but this is for strictly 2010 toruney talk, brackets, etc :wink:


11th seed? Damn that sucks.

And Cal gets a 8th seed?
Louie get a 9th?



The fuck Duke the #4 overall and get the easiest path?


Had UW not won the Pac 10 tourney, they would be NIT-in’ it up! :wink:

They are the 3rd overall, which makes no sense. They shouldnt even be a #1 seed, imo. The ACC sucks. What makes even less sense is the ACC gets 6 bids. SIX!!! WTF?!?!?


If I heard right the other day there were something like 19 Texas teams in the tournament.



I bet Miss. St. wishes they had made those free throws.

Also, not having intentionally fouled out their best rebounder with a 3-point lead.


Va Tech should got in over Wake.

NCAA is stupid.

You’re right they had Duke at #3 overall which made no sense because they were deciding to give the spot to either Duke or WV for the spot.

So you’re saying the one that get picks is #3 and the one that doesn’t is #5? And you’re going to fill in #4 with Syracuse? Excuse me, but if you going to give Duke #3 that mean you should put Syracuse head to head with WV for #4, and #5, not #3 and #5.

What the fuck? Learn to fucking count! it’s 1-2-3-4-5 not 1-2-3-5-4.


West Virginia is #7 overall, not #5. That’s Kansas St.


I’ve got my bracket ready. I got Kansas, Kansas St, Duke, and West Virginia in the Final Four, with Kansas topping WV.


Kansas wont win the Championship this year.

Matter of fact, they wont be a Final Four team either.

Mark it down, remember I said this come later this month. Its money.


Lol Yahoo trolled me. I think they edited their article.

Cause they had it wrong earlier when the bracket first came out, but that article is now missing. At least they fix that era.

It supposed to be

#1 and #8 overall same bracket.
#2 and #7 overall same bracket.
#3 and #6 overall same bracket.
#4 and #5 overall same bracket.

The higher one is at the top of the bracket and the lower one is at the bottom.


is there a pool somewhere? I am going to start one right now on facebook http://apps.facebook.com/bracket/group/detail/5914405


Kentucky beating Miss St was bullshit, the officials clearly handed that game to them. Mind you I don’t really care about either team but the blatant favoritism was that obvious.


Go Orange! Ppl gonna go apeshit around here if cuse takes it.


Baylor and Villanova are going to rape people

My face while watching them rape.



Why are you sold on Villanova of all people?

They just lost to Marquette. They are guard dominated with Reynolds, but their coach wants them to play forward dominate with Yarou. Reminds me of last year PHX suns. Team that want to run, but coach want to hammer it into Shaq. Didn’t work out too good for PHX.


ESPN just confirm what I was saying. West Virginia was battling Duke for the LAST #1 spot which just happens to be #3 overall.

So basically they said Kansas is a lock for #1 (1overall) . Kentucky is a lock for #1 (2 overall), and Syracuse is a lock for #1 (4 overall).

They were deciding to give the last #1 spot to either Duke or WVU who would of got #1 (3rd overall). If what you said was true that WVU is #7 overall it mean the NCAA was deciding if WVU was worthy of #3 or #7. They entirely skipped #4-#5 and #6. What would of happened if they pick WVU > Duke for the last #1 spot which happens to be 3rd overall. Would Duke drop to #7 overall? Or would they slide Duke into #5 overall and slide down the rest? Ex: KSU.

You get what I am saying? They had Syracuse as a LOCK on #1 (4th overall), but they were debating on to give Duke the last spot which happens to be 3rd overall. That makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. If you’re going to give Syracuse a lock why don’t just bump them up to 3rd overall and decide whether Duke or WVU is #4, the loser of that battle get to be 5th overall. Instead they came up with some whack ass system putting Duke and WVU against each other at 3rd overall and the loser of that battle WVU ends up at 7th overall.

What kind of equation is that? Do I have to attend MIT to understand this? Seriously…

FYI Last year they were debating on who should get #4 overall between Memphis and Uconn.

Do you know what they decided? They gave Uccon #4 overall and Memphis #5 overall.

So they would of ended up playing each other. Just in case there was controversy they would run into each other at the elite eight (if they made it that far). Memphis didn’t live up to their end of the bargain and lost before the elite 8 proving their selection of UCcon as #4 overall was correct. How can they get it so right last year, and fuck it up a year later? What could of possibly happen in 1 year to make them so fucking stupid.


What I ahve in my bracket, Duke coming out the South after going beating Texas A&M (got them beating Purdue) and Baylor who beat Villanova. I think the East will have some fun games to watch…arguably the funnest bracket…still can’t figure out who exactly I have coming out of that one…my gut keeps telling me Wisconsin can take Kentucky - even though I don’t want to believe that. I’m looking at Kentucky/Wisconsin vs New Mexico for the East. I haven’t had enough time to do the West/MidWest yet…leaning towards a Georgetown/Kansas Midwest Final.

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