2010 SRK GD Awards- Best Avatar Maker

The top three nominees are listed above for SRK’s Best Avatar maker. Vote Vote Vote!!!

I’ve seen Savaii64 work, can’t remember the others

why aren’t you in the poll, kaz?

I took the top three nominations. Sadly I was only nominated once. If you would have voted for me, why not nominate me :sad:

you’re supposed to put everybody that was nominated! i thought i wouldn’t have to since you were on the list!

Yeah you list all nominations, the nomination thread isn’t a vote thread :arazz:

i vote James Cameron…oh wait, wrong Avatar…

You can’t do that for all categories though…

i vote for Kaz as a write in.

Master Chibi gets my vote for making my Link AV way, way cooler than it realistically should actually be.

Dr. B can do the same to Bloofy, but some peeps gotta learn the hard way.