2010 SRK GD Awards- Best Contributor


Who’s 2010’s Best Contributor? Voting closes in 3 days, so vote up! All six nominees have been included from the nomination thread.


Hmmm I voted for Keits but in retrospect I would change that. Not that Keits doesn’t deserve it. He’s been busting his ass off for a year to put up shit on a front page that used to be empty (with pretty much only complaints as his reward) but I temporarily forgot that these are the GD awards, not the SRK awards. Although I’m not worried, I’m fairly sure the person I want to vote for now will take it.


What did reggie and gm contribute?


Agreed 100%. The guy is pleasant, doesn’t flame, doesn’t hate, has a brain, and is a fountain of info. And he organizes that info very well in his posts; very easy to read.

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heheheheh yeesssssssss! :woot:

hopefully this year i will be able to contribute more…


These polls are closing way too early.

How you only going to have 21 total vote?

You don’t deserve to get an award with 7 out of 21 points.

That’s 33%!

Would you want a President that only got 33% of the vote?

I demand a recount!


72 hours isn’t long enough? You’re kidding me right?

After we pretty much got no interest in voting in any of the other threads, how long did you expect it to stay open?