2010 SRK GD Awards- Best New Member

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I imagine no one really cares too much about this poll. There’s only two nominations here, and voting closes in 3 days.

Not sure I wanna vote on this one, but I can’t give my vote to someone who averages almost 20 posts a day on SRK. :bluu:

So SRK’s throwing ‘best noob’ awards at somebody who knows every motherfucker on GD and posts like a 5+ year vet?

You see last year? Black Jesus won best new member.

Why is Sovi3t up there if he registered in '09…

Sovi3t, that Street Fighter on Craiglist thread was best thread of 2010 IMO :rofl:

…also I have no idea who the other poster is

Wtf. Kaz, You fail. Close this?

Who and proof?

if we had join dates would be easier, i wanna lord it over on the 09s again

Clu 2 is a vet that’s for sure. Just trust me on that one. Fucker is enigmatic and won’t tell me who he is though :rofl:.

can we make this the guess who clu2 is thread now


I have been trolled.

Who nominated Soviet? I didn’t go back and verify his join date, I thought he actually was 2010?!!?!??!?! Yes, please close this thread.

Ahaha closing.