2010 SRK GD Awards- Best Writer


Voting closes in 3 days! Vote up! Who’s GD’s Best Writer in 2010? All five nominations have been taken from the nominations thread.


How about givin’ a nigga a minute to make it!?!?


It’s up ain’t it?


420 vote specs erryday


This is a tough category.

It is chock full of mo-fos whom I actually straight up love, and one whom I love at a safe distance. :\

As I see it.


If somebody doesn’t give Million another vote I swear to god… he just drops comedy gold and hot searing truth with every post…

EDIT: Something to help make my case
http://twitter.com/MindofMillion -Not his official twitter though…


Not voting for myself on principle, and while everybody involved is a worthy contender, TS is the guy who always delivers. Agree or disagree with what he has to say; his posts are always carefully thought out and worth reading.


Voted for Million, because I can’t think of any Million post that isn’t at least mildly entertaining; most are extremely entertaining, and while the man’s no journalist or vocal scientician, the way he lays out his stories and views is worthy of Best Writer.

goodm0urning was very close to being my vote, because, of everyone on the list, he’s technically the best writer. And I’m a technical writer by trade, so there. Heres intentional apostrophe misusage to prove’s it.

Dr. B quotes are not themselves worthy of making me best writer, so don’t vote for me. Instead, all of you hug Dr. B to form some kind of impossibly awesome B-Legion.