2010 SRK GD Awards- Dumbest Poster


Since I got trolled in the Best New Member category and only wanted to keep a certain number of threads up until they expire, I think it’s safe to open one more that’ll expire in 3 days. Top five made final vote from the nominations thread. Voting expires in 3 days.


wow that’s a bit of a hard one. I’d have to rank them

pfh lake (not as aggressively dumb as the first 2 nor do I see it as often from him)
sensei rouzu (sorta innocently dumb)
mc187 (well, it’s musolini. very dumb, but it’s just gotten old now. practically trolling)


looks at current poll results


walks out of thread


We had that guy come late December 2010 with “Am I a bad person” thread.
Oh and there was the guy pretending to a girl that saod Megan Fox’s thumb toes was worse than chick with a dick, or was that 2009. time flies :looney:



Tough since kzoh wasn’t included in the final vote, but whatever…


you forgot SFIsMahJawn and his amazing Kakuto Chojin 2D bloody remake (starring Steve Wilkos) thread.


Here’s the deal.

Catchanorangecrayoninmymouth was merely trolling to get this award. Tanner truly thinks he’s Stephen Hawking level genius, when he’s I Am Sam level retardation.

Sad part is, both will wear this award as a badge of honor, like a gold star for trying their hardest to spell rock.



i was thinking more of Simple Jack

i voted catchadick. herp soviet derp


very true.


pfh lake is really dumb

his posts in the starcraft thread, and then his arguments against gays in the DADT thread, comboed into his death threats to specs make him the dumbest poster.


i think being blinded by ideology is different than being dumb.

on the overall scale of dumbness/most likely to win a darwin award, the clear winner is sensei rozou.


Don’t care about the other awards, but this award is mean-spirited and a little sad. Most of the people on SRK are kinda dumb, so to have an award for the dumbest and most intelligent posters is like a Little People convention handing out awards for the tallest and shortest midget.



That’s FGD though…does that count?

Most people in GD don’t know what a fighting game is


{PFH}Lake ultimately got my vote, though it was a tougher choice than that time I had to choose between which of Dr. B’s man-parts to masturBate too.


i vote davidstar


I seldom read GD, but that thread with the 8 year old shooting himself made me pick Tanner


Well said sir, well said.


i view it as a chance. You kinda hope the idiots would at least see themselves getting this award, and strive to get most improved poster, or some shit, in 2011.


Sir, I nominate this the most intelligent post in this thread. There a few mean spirited individuals who i’d vote for in the “SRK GD Awards - Illusory Superiority” if it were an actual category in the jerk circle awards.


ok let me give you some advice.

if people dont like you on an internet forum, the correct response is not to give a fuck.

who cares? its the internets. its pretty obvious based on all your posts that you are getting serious dehydration from all the tears you’ve shed over this. instead of crying, you could have posted something along the line of, “fuck off i hope you all die” and be done with it.