2010 SRK GD Awards- Flamelord

Alright! Second batch of threads up for voting!! Voting closes in 3 days, all three nominations taken from the nominations thread.

I am not voting because I refuse to acknowledge that what goes down today on SRK can be considered “flaming”. Maybe if the award was renamed to “slightly negative ribbing-lord,” I’d vote.


…Missing Person flames?



He has an angry smilie in each of his posts.

Black Jesus/Adam Warlock, because his flames transcend words. The dude once said something akin to “I’m so far above you, you couldn’t kiss my ass with a trampoline” which is amazing on so many levels.

I actually think of him when I want to flame someone. What would AW say? Of course, my mind is not expansive enough to comprehend such things, but, like emulating Dr. B, one must try.


WTF. Literally the same words went through my mind.

Missing Person is getting his hate game better - much better, in truth, but no way in hell is he RC level yet.

(Sorry Corey)

As I see it.

What the…Ronin isn’t homosexual!!

My defense for my nomination:


No More Free Internet: There Are Now Going To Be Regulations On Websites! (FCC)


Article: Ono vs Sven - Cross Capcom Employee Showdown

Or let’s not forget the entire thread where I flamed rocky rose, called him trailer trash, then found his address and proved myself right:


^You got my vote, damn I really missed out on some shit by not venturing out of GD…

That Rocky Rose bit was epic, but that was really a counter troll - not a flame.

RC gets my vote based on the way he handled G3nny_0, alone.

As I see it.

Okay, in this thread on page 5 Duralath mentions “Detroit Wesside”.

Does anyone have a link to that? Shit was so hilarious I was losing my breath when I first read it.

that stuff AW said to the girls in the Post Your Picture thread was probably the most uncomfortable read i’ve ever experienced on the site- BUT IT WAS IN MISHMASH! most of Missing Person’s flames aren’t in GD!

also, WTF happened in that HF2 thread? :rofl: :rofl: does anybody have the vids? they were all taken down.

Yeah I vote based off of what’s in GD, also AW hasn’t been nearly as active this year. I voted RC since quantity won over quality this time. Also RC’s quantity has quality to boot.