2010 SRK GD Awards- Funniest Poster

Voting closes in 3 days! This one should actually be pretty interesting. All eight nominations taken from the nominations thread.

boel or hell!

Wow look at those results, now that’s a good poll.

Everyone on that list except acerbic is funnier than I am. I’m dead serious.

Boel gets it, and he gets it faster than Dr. B gets the joke, which is measured in negative seconds. Do the math.

I am compelled to vote for Specs, specifically for his abundant supply of Dr. B trivia. Specs relates this information with the economy of Robert Christgau and the retarded sexuality of Spinal Tap.

rcaido is my hero

he sold me his stick irl

no homo

Boel, seriously.

oooh… This one might be close…

I voted for Boel because that is the correct answer to your question.

I like how whoever nominated acerbic isn’t even voting for him.

Why was acerbic even nominated in the first place? He’s one of the most prolific “factoid” guys in GD…

Boel is king

I miss merdoc

im late and i would have given million the winning vote :frowning:

Damn i didn’t even know i got nominated, i should have got my asian wife & her billion family members to vote for me…