2010 SRK GD Awards- Most Intelligent Poster Award

Voting closes in 3 days. All seven nominations taken from the nomination thread.

Mispelling in the poll. I lol’d.

Also, P. Gorath in the poll. Double lol’d.


I should slow down when typing I suppose :rofl:



Dunno if I agree with some of the cats in that list, but okay Kaz. :rofl:

Hey, I didn’t make it.

I only put what people nominated. Criticize your SRK GD brethren not me

goodm0urning is like an eighth level intellect at least. Voted faster than Dr. B rubs out new galaxies.

Dr. B should be on the poll. Also fishjie is a bitch fuck that guy. Stay free son.

I voted for fishjie cuz he paid me using his hooker money, dude wants this bad!

It’s tremendously flattering to be in the running with any one of these gents. All the more flattering to be in the running with all of them.

I’m voting White Shadow, for the same reasons that I nommed him in the first place. But it’s a hell of a crop this year.

Azrael for me, he’s a tremendous help to damn near anyone, he has my respect.

lulz y is i on this list

i discuss sciency stuff with white shadow on AIM he is smart. usu the convo just devolves into me bashing religion and him rolling his eyes tho

When Az wins this, just change the name of the award next year to the Azrael Award.


I voted for Az past 2 years now, but i haven’t seen him post at all last year, i think his asian wife got him in lockdown!

I agree with the asian wife scenario. It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to most intelligent poster.

I didn’t know I got nominated for this. Wow, thanks.

Can I do a write in vote for wintermute?

This is the most bullshit category out of all of them.

How the fuck are we supposed to choose between*** these ***cats?

closes eyes, tosses dart

As I see it.

You’re good at math, a skill requiring higher levels of cognition. It’s a shame I can only take gratuitous religion bashing in small doses 'jie.

I’m voting for goodmourning, because he has the uncanny ability of using sound intelligent discourse without all the standard SRK pretension.

I closed my eyes with the cursor moving up and down the list, and wound up clicking on Azrael.

I can live with this.

As I see it.

goodm0urning called me a fanboy :mad:

white shadow bitched out of writing an excellent post i planned on nominating for POTY just because he wrote it and insulted me instead :mad:

Azrael crying about dudes crying about unattainable girls while he cried about unattainable girls and forgot it :mad:

everybody else is cool. :mad:

(going for top hater 2011 :cool:)