2010 SRK GD Awards- Most Owned Poster Award

:rofl: At this award. Good nominees here folks. Voting closes in 3 days! All seven nominations taken from the nomination thread.

Emblemlord’s got this on lock. He sent dick pics to a dude, and then wrote a poem after he found out that it was a dude.

Also when did Chindogg get owned in GD?

EL fell in love with a dude that’s the ultimate troll job why even fucking bother making a poll?

Yeah, I’ve never seen Chindogg post in GD.

Do these nominations count for all of SRK now?

Emblemlord poetry is fire.

How did kzoh get owned?

EL is an obvious troll and doesn’t deserve to get the award for intentionally being a failure.

kzoh is legit and gets clowned on every day in the SRK Lounge thread, so he is much more deserving.

EDIT: Giving the award to EL would be like giving it to g3nshiro.


Yeah he was most likely trolling after the revelation but before? Hell he was even asking for advice. "S"he had quite a few people fooled him the most.

They stupidly gave it (might have been another award, don’t recall) to g3nshiro last year, despite common sense.

It shouldn’t but someone made a case for why he needed to be in the GD awards. It’s in the nomination thread somewhere. I’m too lazy to look it up.

I’m also torn on kzoh or EmblemLord :sad:

Kzho got owned more, but Emblem got owned harder.

I went with Emblem just because I literally almost died laughing when I was reading that shit.

EmblemLord, only because of how all of that shit went down.

EmblemLord, by far. His poetry was amazing.

dang I missed this emblemlord stuff, how big was his failure?

I’ll have to go with kzoh constantly being clowned on.

I still feel incredibly bad for him.

…But it was funny. Votes

While the EL drama was hilarious, I still don’t feel that he was “owned” as much as “outed.” Tanner, on the other hand, is repeatedly owned in multiple topics while trying desperately, and failing, to own you back. That’s award-worthy, and he/she/it gets my vote.

EmblemLord is also in love with Dr. B, but who can blame him? Or… her!? :wow:

Anyone mind posting the EL thread

yes tanner was a 2nd place for me, but the kzoh owning has been going on for a long time now.

can you give me the summary of how chindogg, kzoh, and sensei rouzu got owned?

im not familiar with those posters

I second this lol