# 2010 SRK GD Awards- Poster of the Year Award


Almost finish with all the threads. Voting will close in 3 days.


Dr. B is the poster of all time and space.


Why does The Damned get no love?:rofl:

Well I guess this is what happens when you have a poll with Dr. B on it… his mad sexiness makes you vote for him subconsciously…

Somehow a few were able to resist and vote for specs and Shaft Agent somehowshrugs… I know I’m not going to fight it…


Dr. B wins poster of the year without even posting like I get top three at tournaments without even entering.

NEC XI Results:

I can’t wait to win EVO without even going :rofl:


Dr.B can out zone sagat.


Once upon a time at evo, I was with Weeks, Supreme JD, Airthrow, Pablo, Orochi Zoolander, and we ran into Dr B. I axed him to spit a freestyle for us, and HE DID.

the guy who uploaded the video only did it on facebook, so I can only tell you how epic it was. Otherwise I’d post the link.

Needless to say, Dr B has my vote.


What’s really funny is that you think EVO would hold KOF to begin with.

We got SSF4 baby. :cool:


Who else but Dr. B? Voted. The man once performed alchemy by willing his sperm to form an alchemical circle within the testes. The fuck have y’all done with your lives that compares?


For what it’s worth, I voted for Dr. B’s familiar.

As I see it.


does the damned even post outside of the lounge? specs? hasn’t dr. b been banned for a year?


i’m abstaining from voting.


^ If you’re questioning why I’m even on this list… I agree. Why the fuck am I on this list? I’m a fat white guy from Canadia with too many rigid opinions and I don’t have enough sex to be chill.

Dr. B, on the other hand, will not be sullied by you, good sir. What you call “banned” he calls “meditation.” And we all know from Dhalsim’s win quote what happens after meditation.


I voted for Dr B cuz Dr B voted for me


how am i losing to a low-rent Vin Diesel “tall tales” gimmick? how are ANY of us (all listed) losing to that dude? if i’m going to lose i’d very much like to lose to an ACTUAL poster. all REAL posters on this list are WAY too talented to get peaced out by a lame like Dr. B. i don’t care if he possesses specs body - as awesome as that is, his main account showcases some of the most horrendous attention whore shit-posting this side of an MLG uploaded Halo video comment section.

a vote for Dr. B is a vote for MLG!
a vote for Dr. B is a vote for MLG!
a vote for Dr. B is a vote for MLG!
a vote for Dr. B is a vote for MLG!

you’re supposed to chant it like we are on strike.

i’m chanting it… fuck y’all. :mad:

come on, dawg. i bust my ass (i started this post at 11:30) to make sure the quality of my posts are at maximum and give readers the most bang for their buck. now i know you’re mad because i outed your diaper fetish in the lounge tags, but let’s be real. the whole perverted stuff is just one facet of my personality. most people on this site are trying to prove how much “badditude” they have. that’s shortsighted and childish imo. the best way is to show how much of a human you are. no other poster listed expresses vulnerability (the opposite of badditude) to the extent i have on this site.

a vote for me is a vote for human condition.


damn! :sad: so close and yet so far.

again, thank you everybody that voted for me. i’ll try harder this year.


Was it this one?



^ New sig obtained.

Dr. B busts out the rhymes like noone’s guff.