2010 SRK GD Awards- The "Million" Award


Appropriately the new sexual deviant award is called the “Million Award”. Who else has consistently won it? We’re hanging Million’s jersey in the rafters so someone else will win for once. Voting closes in 3 days!


No The Epidemic? Really?

Oh well, Shaft I guess…


1 write in vote for million.


It seems really trite to make a thread for each of these things.


Don’t fuck with tradition.


That line isn’t working here on in Egypt.


Join date:


Yeah I’d assume you don’t really know what’s going on, so I side with Grog :coffee:


I see a big booty white woman in your avatar so I’m going to assume you are black. Which is a safe bet on SRK.


i see a dude who is gonna get banned or get 2011 troll of the year


vote for me!

i voted for me.



My enormous ego prevents me from voting for anyone else.


I just blue myself

Sorry Shaft but Tobias needs this


i voted fishjie…every so often, u get a whiff of that overwhelming pervertedness in him, then he ninja vanishes


Hahaha, well played 2011. Well played.


Its not like he was wrong though.


Who said I was black?


looks at sig
I am lothar :rofl:


The EmblemLord saga.

Lothar’s reply was hilarious in response to the poem. It was the first reply afterward. I cried of laughter.


Fishjie made his ex cry then fucked her:tup: