2011 Moderator Election (Results Pending)


In the absence of jdm714 I’d still like another moderator for Tech Talk. MarkMan and I do our best to hold things down 'round here. The rest of the mods don’t really lurk anymore.

Please post a paragraph stating why you would be a good moderator. Once we have enough interest I’ll put up a poll and we’ll take a vote unless it’s an easy decision.

Let’s see what you’ve got!


I’m pretty much around Tech Talk a lot. Love working with people, love helping out around the forums. Would see a lot of the spam and garbage that might come into the board, but am fair and balanced enough to not go total Nazi over this board. I’d also like to make a mention that I am a media library mod, and do a good job of keeping the trash off the section, and also do my best to ensure the media files adhere to Jaxel’s set format. I also have 1 year experience of being a moderator of a Prayer Section of a Christian music forum, as well as several years experience of being an admin of smaller boards based around my former bands and a webcomic I used to write.


JDM… oh dang.


I’ll throw my hat in, though I’m hesitant because I typically believe that people shouldn’t ask for mod positions. It just feels selfish somehow.

Anyway, I know I’ve only been around the forums for a year, and around TT since I started modding sticks back in March, but I’ve got years of experience in forum moderation and being an admin. In my days in the ministry I used to be the admin of a huge Christian gaming site for a few years, and if anyone ever got trolled – trust me, they did. I was having to ban multiple trolls and spambots on a daily basis. Though I’m no longer subscribing to that viewpoint, I hold the lessons I learned as site admin to be very important.

TT has become very important to me over the last few months, to the point where a good 80% of my time and posts on the site are dedicated here. I’d like to use my experience to do something to help out.


I would like to be a mod because I am unbiased.



Truth. Gives free publicity to his competitors.


Watch it! I’ll find a Hori USA employee to hang out. :razz:


I’ve moderated a Call of Duty Forum and I can follow rules(if I know them)!
I’m in San Diego and so is Mark which makes me a little bit awesome!


All the regulars, so we can be a hive mind and take down everything in a single, fell swoop.


Been wondering if I should toss my hat in since I do have experience with modding since I do mod the MvC3 section over at Capcom-Unity. Pretty much been responsible for organizing the board over there (creating the FAQ, thread directory, organizing the character thread, stuff tha tI pretty much copied from here). At the same time, I’m feeling a bit hesitant with having another board to mod (although TT pretty much mods itself most of the time).

Also, I do have a penchant for getting off topic.


My vote:
Missing Person

I do read an awful lot of the Tech Talk threads and own a TTT shirt :P…I’d nominate myself but, I just enjoy chiming in every once and a while.


This is mostly true. I’ll write up some informal duties to help clarify what the position entails.


Nevermind, I don’t think I can even come close to what jdm was.


Hmmm. We can be like the Tech Talk Borg. You all will be assimilated. Resistance if futile


I’ll throw a vote in for DaRabidDuckie, I’m technologically retarded and he’s helped me with a few things and is very patient, also he sounds like Casey Kasem, can’t hate people.


We are wretched.
But we are strong!
We are the future!
We are Zer…err…Tech Talk!




I can guess what Toodles might have to say about that. Although he would get to banhammer kids without multimeters in his thread… :slight_smile:


He’s usually on answering a ton of questions anyways… and yea… a banhammer is a handy tool in the box for sure…


Appreciated, but I dont think it’d be a good idea.

  1. I’m easily irritable already; add it that I’m easy to misinterpret as well, and it’d a bad combination. I don’t think I’d represent SRK very well.
    B. It’d be a conflict of interest. Everyone knows I make my money here. It’s not a stretch to imagine someone who got banned to cry elsewhere that its because they said something negative about one of my products. That’s just makes me and SRK look bad, whether its based in truth or not.
  2. I’m lazy.