2011 SRK GD Awards: Best Contributor

Who has helped out your fellow SRKer (or at least the smart ones) the most over 2011? Now’s the time to find out!

Poll will close in 3 days. Link to the original nominations thread:

Not to be a dick, but to be an ass, what did any of these dudes contribute? I don’t pay attention to much on SRK anymore.

kaz brought back the Womenz Madness Tourney and reworked it to make it slightly less bullshit. also he was going to do the Awards but Missing Person sniped him.

CLU2 got banned.

That’s pretty sad, these awards actually used to mean something…as far as fake awards on a fighting game site’s GD section go.

So MP or kaz win by default?

Here’s a contribution: Me for bringing you Secret Santa every year. Vote for me, asstwats!

A wild white mod appeared!

OZ uses anti white post…it has no effect!

White mod uses poutine…It’s super effective!

Reason why I voted for CLU 2, he had a stupid saying when I first saw him post, something along the lines of “As I see it” after every post, it was kind of annoying, but now I think he’s cool.

Canadians are aliens, they’re not people like us…

wait why is rockb on here, it must be pictures of butts or small dick support group conversations

I also ran 2010’s year end awards last year. But anyways, most of the posts and tracking I did contribute for this year’s awards also.

I’m thinking we should have a BBW Women’s tourney…

I guess posting useless gifs and acting really e-black is somehow useful contributions. Oh shnap.

Kind of a meh list, which of these guys actually helps out fellow GD members.

I used to like it too. Or ending my posts with “as Clu2 sees it”

I would have voted RockyB for his encyclopedia of animated pics he keeps saved on his GIF: drive

Or Val for his work in SS or the fact he is the living embodiment of a banhammer

This poll’s getting close to closing and has a 4 way tie, let’s break that!

The hell is this? I go out of my way to contribute as little as possible.

I only use Tapatalk. Thusly, I cannot vote in the poll.

Official vote: Clu 2.

I vote Val, hands down

I have no idea why I am on this list. Specs why the fuck did you Nom me for this man? lol.

How did Valaris not get nommed?

I’m not a fan of any of these posters as “Best Contributors.”

I should have won this award the year I brought Mafia to SRK :mad:

Pimp Willy should have been nominated for 2011’s SRK mafia. Hell, everyone who makes an SRK Mafia thread should be nominated.


Everyone vote Million!