2011 SRK GD Awards: Dumbest Poster

Just even putting this one up is making me lose brain cells. Especially after reminiscing on a certain’s Megaman X boss’s posts.

Not that I’m trying to sway votes or anything, because, you know, that would be unethical, or whatever.

Poll closes in 3 days.

Link to the OG thread: Here we go again: SRK GD Awards 2011

There’s stupid, then there’s jaw-droppingly, incomprehensibly stupid. FlameMammoth is the latter.

FlamerMammoth wins an internets

FlameMammoth for De-railing an entire thread to try to out flame CLU 2.

Flamemammoth wasn’t even fun. He was just fucking dumb.

And me.

And about 95% of the internet.

It’s amazing, he was what? Only registered in November?

He had two months to outdo what other had a chance to do in one full year. And he not only succeeded, but he overachieved.

Who’s Janet? I don’t recognize that one.

What did he say? I would like to know. Haven’t been paying attention to the GD lately other than the SRK Lounge.

can you put up some of the links to the threads or statements they have made :L ?

B Jenet. Easily

Jenet was the one in the McDonald’s Bitches thread right?

I don’t about any of the others really, but just search for posts by FlameMammoth33, look at any of them. Revel in the stupidity displayed.

My favorite from him, and the one I laughed at so hard, was when he called me a retard for saying that his brain damage was resultant from his mom standing in front of the microwave too long while she was pregnant, and saying the microwave wasn’t even invented when he was born.

Here’s the microwave post:


Is he posting with a mental disorder? shit i remember how he kept replying to that facebook “problem” despite being proven fake. He was a serious dumbass.

The microwave post mindfucked me :frowning:

tough call between Beguiled and FlameMammoth…
I went with FlameMammoth though. Even though I remember more from Beguiled, he just takes the cake.

Thanks for reminding me. I was about to vote for Flame but then I remembered how naturally dumb Jenet is. You could reply to Flame about how dumb his posts were but Jenet was so dumb it wasn’t even possible to retaliate with words to her stupidity.

there are no winners here

only losers

I hope whoever nominated specs is on this list too. He’d be the answer if the question was “which one of these doesn’t belong with the rest?”

Losers and Specs. Seriously, the only reason he has any business on this list is to demonstrate that anybody can nominate anybody.

(For further reference, see several of the nominees in the “Best Contributor” category, including me.)