2011 SRK GD Awards: Flamelord (Don't Infract Me, Bro)

The only thing flaming in here is how these people treat their fellow SRK’er. Although that could still be taken as a double entendre.

Poll closes in 3 days.

Link to the OG thread: Here we go again: SRK GD Awards 2011

No one Roll Cancels like Ronin Chaos.

wait…spac came back?

Ronin Chaos isn’t around so much, so Black Jesus is pretty much the only game in town.

I still don’t think I belong on that list.

Black Jesus once said something to the effect of “I’m so far above you, you couldn’t kiss my ass with a trampoline.”

How can anyone compare?

BJ got my vote

If this was old SRK, the top two would have flamed the **** out of everyone the moment the thread was made for votes.

Have times changed or what?

No he didn’t o.O why is he even on there? The Funniest poster thread has Bloody Yukai in it, that makes no sense.

Someone with the troll nominations I guess

Ooh now I understand. Missing Person wasn’t here in the days of spaclock and Bloody yukai which is probably why he didn’t just remove them when nominated. The names didn’t ring a bell.

Well, shit. Wish I would have known this was going on. I haven’t been able to get on SRK much because of medical shit and other life responsibilities.

When the fuck did Gotti come back?

Like only two days ago lol.

I would have voted for angelpalm, but he got banned by stepping out of GD. Oh well.

i vote for the bot that wonders if this dress is too revealing

Y u no flame me at the tournament like you flame online, bro?

What’s up Leigh? I came back earlier in the week big man.

Wondered what happened to you.

Need to come out for Evo, man!

I’d be there for poker if anything. I haven’t played any serious video games in years to even think about playing EVO. That’s why I never went in the past. I just live up the freeway a couple hours away from Vegas, it’d be fun to go do something I love with a couple of buddies while maybe stopping in to see some SRK peeps. Some I haven’t seen in about a decade.