2011 SRK GD Awards: Funniest Poster

I would stand to reason 50% of the people who hang around GD exist only for our entertainment. 49% of those are trolls, 50% of those are our resident comedians, and 1% of those is FlameMammoth33.

We’re here to figure out the best of that 50% category. You know, not like this award matters or anything. salty he wasn’t nominated face

Poll closes in 3 days.

Link to the OG thread: Here we go again: SRK GD Awards 2011

lol i got nominated.

fuck y’all. i’m voting for me


I missed 2011, but I voted for you cause sometimes you funny. Sometimes.

hell yeah! :woot:

boelfrog betta watch out. i got the pity vote on lock.

with my pleb ass


Bloody Youkai? Is that who I think it is? I can’t remember, but if it is, he ain’t funny.

If you’re voting for anyone else than Boel you’re just lying to yourself.

i dunno i hit some home runs but i have a lot of strikeouts too

stealing carpet rint analysis

voted bloofy

I vote boel for the jealous avatar of my sexual conquests he made

Also because I pronounce his name as “bowl”

How else would you pronounce it?

terrorists would pronounce it bo-el i imagine

Apologies to deadfrog, Shafty - I voted bowl because he pandered, name dropped me.

EDIT: Oh wait, what, bloofy is nominated? In 2011? Oh man that didn’t even register when I skimmed the ballot, I’ve wasted my vote!

Who would you nominate for like an all-time SRK lifetime achievement for greatest mental breakdown? I think it’s really just between Bloofy and Motoki.