2012 - Are you really that gullible?



Tired of all my friends telling me “2012 is going to be the end of the world!!” They’re excited and happy over this shit. Seriously, who believes in this 2012 hoax garbage and how gullible do you have to be to believe in this crap?

How shitty must your life be, when all you’re thinking about is when the world is going to end? Everytime I talk about putting money in your IRA, investing in your future (all fun topics, I know) I get ridiculed by my friends saying: “Doesn’t matter man, WORLD IS GONNA END IN 2012!!” Until I remind them of a little doomsday scenario called Y2k. I can’t stand bad science and gullibility.

Honestly, the only way I see the world ending (at least America getting fuxed) is if Palin runs and gets elected. That would fucking suck.




To me the world ends whenever it ends. I’m definitely tired of these bullshit doomsday movies that spark fear in gullible ass people.
I remember during Y2K, people at my school were panicking about changing over the computers and people were stockin up on stuff like things were gonna happen.


Disregard women, Acquire currency.


Hollywood is even cashing in on the hype with a movie, creatively titled, 2012. It’s just another Y2K or Haileys comet or whatever people come up with that’s supposedly going to end to world every few years.

The Aztec calender doesn’t hold much weight with me. I have no idea why anyone would believe in a defunct civilization, they certainly didn’t see there own end coming. Them making a prediction about about the world ending in 2012 is like us saying the world will end in 4318. There’s no scientific reason, it’s just a number.


Astonomically, I couldn’t give a shit. Politically however, who knows?


20 + 1 + 2 = 23. zomg…

i actually look forward to the year 2012. if all goes well, i’ll be done with school by then.


Backstreet Boys just released a new album. The world has already ended.


Rest assured that Dr. B will be around to protect the world in 2012, and for many years after.


Wasn’t the world suppose to end in 2000 and 2001?


Your friends are stupid assholes, tell them Angelpalm from SRK said that they are stupid lazy minded assholes that should never breed.


/thread srsly…


Hmm, I searched for 2012 but didn’t find anything. Apparently my searching skills suck. Feel free to close the thread.


How to survive the apocalypse:

Rent a helicopter.

Seriously, flood-proof, earthquake-proof.


I just wonder how many dumbfucks will go buck wild raping and pillaging cause they think it won’t matter since the world is ending. Fucking idiots.


Transformers 3 is due out in 2011, I’m sure we’ll all be ready to embrace the apocalypse by 2012.


Even better, a SPACE helicopter!!!


All this over a fucking Mayan prophecy and a movie?

If the Mayan were that good at predicting the future, where are they now? Exactly.


I bet some stupid asses will believe this shit and actually cause some disaster to happen like some bombing or some shit. People will believe they are going to die and do some insane shit in 2012.

In a twist if people end up trying to cause some fuckin apocalypse because they believe it’s gonna happen, then it will happen if you make it!!! Reminds me of all those people with crazy theories pointing to disasters like 9/11 and hurricanes and stuff like that, except the problem is that they point it out after the fact, which ruins the whole point of a prediction. Saying how people like Nostradamus predicted the end and all. Plus predictions like those are vague as hell that I can apply that prediction to broiling a chicken, or to a flaming building.


Just another way for the American government to control its people via fear.