2012 Bringing Updated Trials Challanges?

So I fired up the old SSFIV:AE and said to myself, “Well, I think I’m going to learn some new characters.” So what did I do? I jumped into the Trials Mode and that got me thinking. When AE came out, it would force you to do everything on the Super update (damages, links, ect.). Now that 2012 is coming out, do you think they are going to update it at all? I can’t see why they wouldn’t… mainly because some things would be considered vastly outdated (being two versions behind now).

I know a lot of the trial combos are pretty useless to use in a real match, but I think it’s a great tool to utilize for people who want to pick up a new character, or even someone who is new to the game.

Have they said anything about this at all?

why they wouldn’t: not present in AE cabs, have to come up with 96 additional trials (+ change a few existing trials), and not making any additional money

why do they need to even say anything about it, it’s obvious at this point

they shoulda just made new trials for the disk version of AE. bastards.

I’d love to have seen some Yun/Yang trials but no way would Capcom update the trials. This is Cashcom were talking about here, updated trials would be too much work.

The AE2012 update is a simple balance fix that requires editing numbers in files… thats why they can give it for free. Theres no real content.

Its amazing how people would bitch just about anything. Even free stuff.

To be fair AE was not free.

That being said, I could care less about Trials.

First of all, not talking about AE. Nothing wrong with Capcom charging for AE, it wasnt expensive and we got new characters. It also saw a arcade release of this version.

I feel the same way about trials.

We’re not talking about AE, but AE is where they should have introduced the new trials for the new characters if they were going to do it since that was when they were introduced. Just pointing out that free is not their excuse for no trials. Otherwise, we’re on the same page. I don’t care that there were no trials in AE either. Kind of would have been nice to at least a title update but meh, nowhere close to a deal breaker obviously. I don’t sit around looking at the title screen.