2012 Edition patch only for AE DLC owners?

Disclaimer: My apologies if this question has been posted elsewhere. I’ve searched for an answer and also looked for a one-shot Q&A thread, but found neither. If an answer has been posted and I just missed it, please feel free to close this thread with a link to the answer.

With that bit of business aside: Will the 2012 Edition patch only be available to SSFIVAE (DLC or disc) owners or will it also be available to SSFIV owners who elected not to purchase the AE DLC?

Thanks in advance!

Nope, you need to buy AE as a disc or DLC to get the AE 2012 patch.

It obviously wouldn’t be available to people that don’t have AE. SSF4-only owners don’t get the AE balance patch, so they wouldn’t get the AE rebalance either.

Okay, that’s what I figured. Still wanted to ask.

Thanks for the answers!