2012 Final version chang... wait what change?

Cammy got nothing:D:D:D I lol’d so hard when I scrolled down the news this morning, it clearly gave me huge moral boost right before my exam(not that I am happy but such laugh is amazing)

Share your thoughts please.

Most of the cast got no additional changes…

Cammy’s new SBF is going to be sooo godlike. Its gonna be the new chicken wing, cammy for S-Tier!

Cammy got her old SA back, though its more of a fix, its something.

  1. We are slightly safer since we can now FADC to a certain extend.
  2. With her current normals, we can now use HK SA for more damage E.g cr.lk > cr.lp > cr.mp > HK SA / cl st.hp > cr.mp > cr.mk > HK SA
  3. HK SA = better positioning for Oki
  4. Less reliant on bar for 2 hits SA means we can use more EXTK

SBF, while I personally think is a useless change, at least it’s something on the positive side. We gotta wait and see how this change goes. You’ll never know. SBF can be useful in specific situations like against Viper.

Additionally, Cammy’s worst match up (IMO), Fei and Yang, got nerfed. We are know what happened to Yang. Fei now has overall lesser damage and less abusive rekka. Plus, his 1/2 loop chicken wing combo (which deals like almost 50% hp on Cammy) has been eliminated.

Overall, Cammy got a slight damage boost, better mix ups, slightly higher chance of staying in (more EXTK and VERY MAYBE…SBF) and nerfs to her worst match ups.

Step back, looking at the overall picture, I’d say its something. Is it enough? It’s never enough. lol

I still have hope for some unmentioned buffs.

(while crossing his fingers)Maybe increased throw range?:smiley:

I’m pretty happy with what she is, though I do think some things make no sense.

The only “big” thing I want is a longer throw range, at least up to .85 with the other short armed characters.

You know the revert to the old SA makes me happy. I stopped playing Sf competitively after I won a few local tournaments and then the change to cammy came and I moved on to other stuff. Though when I play AE with friends when they ask me to play I still auto go to fadc out of a blocked SA and when nothing happens and I eat a combo I die a little inside. Now that she can FADC and not go under people in the corner I feel like I can rush down a little harder again.

Kinda sad with all the BS Fail Long has, he has so much mixups, rekkas and chicken wing barely nerfed and now he can combo into super from fhk, i cant believe they havent nerfed his ultra damage it is broken as hell, Cammy has so little tools and mixups in comarison she needs her TK canon strike back they should buff her ultra damage so its same as Fail Long if he can have it why can’t cammy.

buff her ultra damage??? omg i wished all ultra’s would take 50% less damage.

they should have improved her and fei long’s ultra 2 tho. at least makes it cancelable by pressing 3p after the command.

played some vanilla sf4 yesterday. spike fadc spike did so much damage! ;p i missed the instant strikes but AE normals are so much more fun!

Why can’t cammy have the same ultra damage as Free Long.

i feel like the damage on both of her ultras are fine.

since 2012 has been out for a while now i’ve been pretty happy with cammy cakes. it is nice to be able to perform a fadc on some of the sa’s. i didn’t expect many changes for her though, so of course, i’ve been satisfied with what they have done for her.

i see a lot of people that seem to be unhappy with her throw range. i know her throw wasn’t changed but i want to understand a little better, why do cammy players feel this way?

Dat’s Why