2012 Member FAQ

Going to make this shorter than last one:

1.To use the trading outlet you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.

Your 6 months start the moment you join on that month, here’s the key

Jan - Jun
Feb - Jul
Mar - Aug
Apr - Sep

You must also have 50 post, please do not spam in trying to leapfrog the posting delay because you will be caught in the act. We’ve caught others before and you will not be the first, and the punishment will result in having your rights revoked here. If you have say 6 months, 46 post–then maybe we will let you slide outta good faith. Also, if you’ve been a member BEFORE 2009 just as these rules were put into effect, then maybe we will let you slide off that as well. Nothing is guranteed, the Trading Outlet was hit with MAJOR scamming sometime back and that simply won’t be tolerated here.

  1. No selling anywhere on Shoryuken.com unless you have been a member for 6 months, and have at least 50 posts (or approval from an administrator). Failure to comply will result in an immediate ban.

This just basically says–that if you get caught selling/trading outside the Trading Outlet without 6 months and 50 post, then you will probably be banned on the spot. We don’t speak for anything outside of the TO, and you are on your own if you want to risk breaking this rule. For example, if we refuse to let somebody sell yet they conduct business outside of the TO. Whether it is Tech Talk, General Discussion, etc. this rule must be followed to the end. Period.

  1. Admin Approval

Self-Explanatory. The SRK Staff are responsible for running this site and admin approval is the only way you can sell/trade without having 6 months, 50 post. Going back to rule one, if you are very close to achieving both or have been a member for a long time (and your account reflects that), then MAYBE we will intervene on your behalf and allow you to sell. If you have been told by a mod here that it’s a no-go then don’t argue with us, because we can simply turn you over to the admins if it gets problematic. Do not lie on ANY admin approval, period! There is perhaps no quicker way of getting instant banned on the spot if you are caught, and we have caught people before!

The SRK Staff administrator names are bolded a YELLOW/ORANGE color. Some super mods have this as well, but not even a super mod can approve your rights here.

  1. If I have an old account can I still use its credit upon getting past the selling rule?

You have to prove to an administrator that your account was not purged from the system from way back when. Do NOT tell us, there’s nothing we can do about it. Accounts that go unused for a long time get purged from the system. If you’re caught making accounts just for the sake of making accounts, then that is against the rules.

  1. Complete list of the rules?

Here’s the complete list of rules: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?help/terms

EDIT - ? Link is down, I got another one up.

  1. How about a feedback system?


  1. Sometimes the forum tells me I can’t sell until I get 6 months, 50 post. But, I see others that are newer than me selling!

Sometimes members somehow slip through the system and begin selling right away, and these members eventually get reported and shutdown just as quickly. Threads purged are only seeable by mods and admins, if the perpetrator continues to try to sell/trade then sometimes we slap them with an infraction.


  1. I contacted an admin, but they won’t respond!

All we can tell you is that you have to keep trying. There are several alternatives you can use, but it’s up to you in identifying where they are and who you wanna go with.

  1. What if I get scammed by somebody here? What do I do?

First, you need to report them in the WOS (Wall of Shame). This will let others know that the person in question is a fraud/scammer. Give specific examples as to how you were scammed, and we will add him/her to infamously ever growing list we have on bad sellers. Next, you need to find a way to get your money back. Some people come to us, but we can’t actually GET somebody to return stolen goods to you all the time. All we can do is find out on what happen, how we can resolve the situation, and if nothing else, have an admin make a judgment on who was in right and see what they want to do.

The best method is perhaps disputing with whoever you bank with about what happened, and see if they can refund the stolen money from your account. I’m telling you guys this now, and I’m not making it up, I’ve had TONS of shit reversed from my account when something went wrong. And, I even didn’t have to file those fraud reports they give you and whatnot.

I know most deals go through paypal, and you have about 45 days to file a dispute so that an agent can investigate. Do not wait too late, because after that period from which the transaction was filed they will not help you and dismiss your case. DO NOT WAIT! If you feel something is wrong, jump on it immediately and make sure you get tracking numbers so that you can track your shit down!