2012: New Soul Reaver Reboot Rumoured in Development at Crystal Dynamics!

Hey, here’s information on the rumoured New Soul Reaver Reboot.
(just me talking about the article)


Article Reference: http://www.vg247.com/2012/03/20/rumour-crystal-dynamics-working-on-soul-reaver-reboot/

interesting…maybe now they can finish the Soul Reaver storyline properly rather than that clusterfuck of nightmare fuckups they did instead.

Yeah it did get a bit convoluted because they kept going back and adding story and time traveling. (I’m sure they meant Kain to be the absolute villian in Soul Reaver 1, no questions)
But that was the fun for me. I loved every minute.

But i can agree on some level, they’ve got time to plan everything now so hopefully we get a much more cohesive story.

i totally agree. All the games WERE fun, but Soul Reaver was a different game than Blood Omen, and when they started mixing storylines in the two games, and fucking retconning everything, I just gave up.

It will suck, because Tony Jay is dead.

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meh voice actors are a dime a dozen, and I won’t mind if we get a handful of minor characters and an elder god with new VA’s.

… are you serious right now?

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Yea, the VAs are not a big deal. I just played Defiance recently and I don’t feel like that ending left that much more to do. I mean Raziel is IN the sword, so you’d only play Kain anyway. Retelling this story for a new audience is a great way to take this IMHO, as playing Defiance again reminded me that nostalgia is a bitch about hiding reality. Good gameplay, but HIGHLY flawed. Could stand for quite a few improvements, and based on what CD is doing with Tomb Raider, I have faith that the team can do this series justice.

I’m just wondering how the action will evolve. Having it fresh in my mind, combat was like…60% of Dante’s weapon master Rebellion movelist with a GoW type kill button to get life and telekinesis. Pretty bare bones. I wonder what they’d look to for inspiration. Maybe it’ll be something like Ninja Gaiden (NOT NG3 lol) or God of War…needless to say, I"m very interested.

I approve a ‘reboot’ so long as they don’t stray from the formulatoo much.

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They will just reboot it, make Razael even more emo, have him have white hair and have the walls try to kill him.

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Tony Jay was always a big deal.


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Anyway, to your “point”, Defiance came out in 2003. When franchises go 10 years without a new iteration, if a new one is decided on, the point is for it to be fresh. Nevermind the fact that the dude is dead. Wanting him back is doubly moot, dumbass.


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Back to Soul Reaver.

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