2012 patch to pc end of the month?

Probably been posted before but according to a bunch of sources on google.

But I cannot find any REAL information, like a date. I was wondering if anyone else has?

im sure the 7 people playing on the pc will be happy.

I’m amazed how correct a nickname can be.

Personally speaking, AE lags less on pc than 360 and much less than ps3. Why should I buy xbl if I only play 1 console game?

I love how they act like patching the PC version takes 3 months.

PC version runs soooooooo good for me. I really wish this patch would have come out much sooner. The delay on getting it out made me decide to just get SFXT on 360 instead of both 360 and PC

In terms of graphic fidelity, load time and overall value (fan created models and outfits), PC version is vastly superior to console versions. Lag is generally less on PC and you tend to get fewer hate mails on PC as well. The only shortcoming on PC is fewer people plays on PC.

Consoles are cheaper than a full fledge gaming PC, but more people still use wireless for street fighter on PS3 and XBOX 360, which is horrible. If you play on a laptop, wireless is more or less a given, but few people hardly ever opt for wireless on a desktop.

Yes that quote was from capcom unity, but thats all they chose to give us there is no actual date.

Ok awesome, at least we get an estimate on when its coming out.

I have the game running on max settings then when I played it on the PS3, the game was very jaggy looking.

In either case I don’t mind playing on either systems.

Yeah should be in the next few weeks. A lot of people still play tons on PC version.
More than enough to keep busy until sfxt.

Also PC version is pretty much arcade perfect IMO

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PC version is better its just so many have the game on 360 because capcom skipped a version on pc. Also I like how my stages are all modded too. I payed for all altcostume pack for 14.99 and thats a better deal. Once pc gets 2012 more will come. I was talking to a friend and fchamp was playing pc, along with others considered to be pro and all. Its just a matter of time. I just hate how capcom prolonged a port of something so simple. All they did was edit previously made files. What is taking so long to port it is byond me. Its not as if they are doing this from scratch right?

I heard arcade machines are basically considered a computer of sorts, and somehow arcades get the update and home PCs can’t.

Heck yea, PC version is worth waiting for.

Of course I want it ASAP, but hey we are just playing AE while we wait so nbd.

SSF4 AE PC was the first fighting game I ever purchased. I had no clue they would be slow to patch it and leave me playing an outdated version.

If they are going to make a less supported version of the game they should say so on the box.

Lets hope they BEAT the end of feb date.

Ah, yeah, I’ve been patiently waiting for the PC patch. I can’t keep borrowing my friend’s copy on the Xbox, haha.

The arcade versions are stored on hard drives and boots with or under Windows XP.

The console versions are ports of the arcade, but I believe the PC version of the game is a port of the console version hence the Xbox labels.

Whatever the case, PC version is best version of them all. :3

The arcade versions run on modified versions of windows XP. it isn’t QUITE the same thing as being a PC but there is certainly a ton of architectural simularities and the file formats have already been proven to be compatible (there are vids of people running custom skin mods on the arcade version)

no, it’s exactly a PC running WindowsXP and all…

the game that get dumped from the arcades to PC don’t need ANY modification (except for a loader that bypasses the security check)

Capcom = lazy

This is right, backasswards to take it from a PC then back again, but I guess that makes it easier due to the netcode and XBL being similar to GFWL.

Either way it comes out to be the best version in many ways.