2012 SRK Secret Santa: Why bother since most presents won't be in before the end of the world?

Before I start, I want to mention this: Yes I remember Thurst.
No, Wintermute never came back. His boss kept in Contact for a while but stopped replying at some point.

And through the cracks and alternatives falling through, poor ole Thurst got lost (although he’d be easy to find: Looking for Black Dude in Korea with shirts two sizes too small and ducklips).
If anyone is ready to go above and beyond the call of duty and still ship to Inferior Korea, let me know in your PM.

Now on with the dribble drabble!

You buy a gift, you get a gift. People who skimp on the gifts without a reasonable/provable explanation get BANNED. Seriously, the mods don’t fuck around on this. I will ban your ass myself and will be happy to.

2009 members and earlier only. This is not hardcoded, as there are more recent members who are well known by everyone in the community. We’ll let these members through by general consensus, but don’t expect to get in anyways. Final word will rest with me and the few people helping me out.
If you don’t get in, don’t take it personally, these things just take a lot of trust and some people have gotten dicked in the past.

The minimum is $30. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. If you can’t afford this, if you can barely afford this, don’t bother joining. Lack of funds come Christmas time is not an acceptable excuse, especially if someone sent you a $50 gift. Expect a shortage of funds around Christmas, and plan accordingly.

Sign ups will run until Midnight of November 7th. I’m not capping the number of entrants this year but if ever by some miracle I get too much I’ll make a decision.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Post when you recieve your gift! Pictures are preferred but a thank you post with a little detail would be very much appreciated.

When Shipping, you MUST get a tracking number. I’ve been lenient on people whose packages got lost but not this year. Get a tracking number once you ship and send it to me in a pm with “Secret Santa: Tracking” in the title. If I don’t get a tracking number, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt.

**Important things to remember: **
-I’ll give assignments out in the second week of November. Please don’t ship out right away. I appreciate the enthusiasm but this is supposed to be for Christmas, don’t make your recipient get his present a month and a half early.
-I know I keep saying this every year but I will be strict on shipping. Last year we had on in March and that’s BS. If the gift has not come in January, you best be able to produce a shipping number that proves you sent it out earlier or I will ban. Again, BUY THE TRACKING NUMBER OPTION.

Once you signup, I will randomly assign people to each other, and contact each person the name of the person who’s name they revealed. When everyone has received their gift, I will reveal the matchups

Well! Now that the bad stuff is out of the way let’s get on with it. To sign up you send me an EMAIL to Valaaris[at]gmail[dot]com with the Title "Sign up: your username" along with the following information:

  1. SRK Handle
  2. Full Name
  3. Full Address
  4. Are you willing to ship internationally?
  5. Stuff you like (Feel free to link your amazon/newegg/thinkgeek/etc wishlists)
    I’m sorry I can’t do PM’s but the new system on SRK doesn’t allow for folder or any sort of organization which is something I crave and need when I do these things.

Shipping info:
There are too many people internationally now so when you mark if you ship internationally or not keep in mind that Canada will NOT be considered international. I’m sorry if you find that BS but last year I had to assign people to others they had the previous year because 60% of people refused to ship out of the US.

Don’t send me an email if you aren’t eligible. I don’t care if you beg, buy premium, send me your address, send me dick pix.

Let’s do it! Holiday spirit and all that shit!

Who gets bleet?

I’m gonna send bleet a box filled with turds from everyone who signs up this year.

im down…never done this. bout time i got in.

I’ll reg later, but know that I plan to hold to my promise from last year by donating my yearly bottle of Silver Oak to this cause. :tup:

this is always fun, if you were gonna spend bank on this anyway, considering getting a slightly lesser gift and sending it to one of our international bros, it is about as easy as me pleasing a woman with my 3 seconds of sexual congress as it is to make sure all of our international brothas aint just stuck shipping to each other… if even that

Haven’t missed one in 4 years but this year I’m not so sure I can do it. I’m closing on a house 11/15 and I just want to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row before committing to anything.

Dear god… you bought a house in 9 foot snowbanks ville?

Dark Ninja Girl.

Revenge enough?

Blue ball comes slowly.

Oh sweet. I’ll actually do this. Cause we all want a personal picture drawn by me. :smokin:

I don’t trust shipping in China enough to join. I have no doubt mine would make it to wherever, it’s from there to here that I’m worried about.

If I were in Korea, no doubt, and you could pair me and thurst up for all I care.

i’m in. i was actually broke as fuck last year and wasn’t sure i’d be able to afford to get my SS a gift.

Got new gig sure for the greater good of SRK!!!

Yeah it gets rough but hell last year we maybe got an inch. Then again getting so little snow kind of caused this huge drought we had this summer…

I’m up for it again this year.

Looks like I’m going in this year.

I might do this again but i gave my one of kind wooden penis to Boel. Also the asian wife hasn’t been working for almost a year…I can afford this but i dont think i can go all out like i’ve been doing the past SS. Hey Val can you make a list on who has joined…

yeah rcaido already gave me the perfectest gift sorry guys

Signed up.

I might have to skip out on this year. All my money is going towards my wedding in the spring. boooooo

Who knows…maybe merdoc will get me another set of t-shirts by mistake. hahaha

I’m a 12er. :frowning: