2013 Cammy Wishlist

I see these going around, so I figured I’d make one for Cammy. Discuss what things you guys think she should gain, what she should lose, ect ect. Personally:

-At LEAST a neutral divekick.

-Recovery frames on Ultra 2 are just a bag of dicks. Change it from 61 to like, 50 maybe? Or maybe increase the active frames at least?

All I can really think of right now. What would you guys like to see?

Gain lol. Cammy will gain nothing if there is a patch they will simply nerf the shit outta her this is capcom we r talking about

I don’t want any change. Leave this game alone. Let it develop. Hakan just yesterday won a tourney. We are not done with 2012.

Prediction Cammy2013 = Yang2012.

vega’s throw range
fei long’s focus attack range
armor break on canon strike
instant canon strike like in super

quick spin knuckle
hooligan combinations

I expect Cammy to be readjusted also. A safe SA would be nice though (lol).

Never gonna happen, as much as I would find that funny lol.

Honestly I half expect them to reduce frame advantage and kill off combos. Sounds like a typical Capcom lazy solution anyways

Remove unblockables (for all characters). After that I think things can get back to normal, if everyone wasn’t calling everything unblockable I think there would be a lot less tears.

I would like them to:
-Increase her throw range
-Make U2 not totally suck

As for what they should nerf, I dunno. Slightly more recovery on jabs/shorts, less priority on cannon spike?
Not like I actually want that…

A better modeled ass is the only correct answer.

I second this notion to the fullest

But yeah, I don’t really expect anything besides nerfs either. Very minimal buffs, at the most. The grab thing is the only realistic thing I see them buffing, but I would really, ***really ***like them to drop some recovery frames on Ultra 2. It should at least do some more damage for how hard it is to efficiently use it against a human opponent. Needs to have use outside of the “mind games” aspect of it. People refrain from jump-ins or applying too much pressure when they see the meter full, which is pretty much the only point it serves at this point.

Maybe something more akin to Dudley’s auto-punish?

Don’t expect any buffs. Cammy is arguably one of the best in the game now with almost no bad match ups. The best you would expect from Capcom is the silent treatment and get nothing. If not, it would be those kinda useless changes like what they did to SBF. Maybe cl.HK knocks down now? lol

Lol. A wishlist. How cute. Your wishlist should be that your fraudulent character doesn’t get nerfed.

man fuck that.! if my main yang got shitted on then i want everyone to feel my suffering. i hope she gets hit just as hard as yang.

on a semi serious note, y’all must be kiddding to think cammy would get any buffs. at best, just hope they don’t update this game like i was hoping back in AE 2011. but seeing how people are crying over her and akuma, and with ono taking opinions from players, it isn’t looking good for cammy users at all.

On counterhit… Hahaha.

I don’t get how scrubs can call any character in this game “fraudulent” when you consider that there really are no truly “good” characters in the game. Capcom has balanced the game by making everyone mediocre, the only difference is that some characters like Cammy, Seth, Akuma, etc. are less mediocre than others.

Is this 2013 update really gonna happen??..i thought capcom was done with this game…

It’s not confirmed. However, Ono tweeted that he was interested in a ‘AE 2013’.

I rather wish they focused on improving Cross Tekken…this game is already played out…just let it be as it is…and this is coming from a rose player…a character that is universally ass…

They did focus on SfxTk. It has a many update and a major one coming in 2013 no? There’s isn’t really any updates to SSF4 since the launch of SfxTk. Plus, this AE 2013 thing will most likely happen months after the SfxTk patch hype dies down so it doesn’t conflict and keeps their games fresh and alive. That is, if they plan to patch.

The tears. So delicious and salty. :rofl:

Yall need to calm the fuck down. It’s a wishlist, not a damn petition. And asking for them to actually make BOTH of her Ultras at least kind of useful is not such a ridiculous thing to ask for.