2013 Chun - Compilation of Requests

Hi all,

I know there’s already an older thread about balance changes (link), but I thought it might be a good idea to create a single thread to compile ideas for 2013 Chun.
I will update the original post regularly to incorporate new ideas. After we have enough ideas on the table, we can do a poll of sorts to refine the list.
The goal would be to get as many of us as possible to copy/paste the end product on the capcomunity boards when Chun’s turn comes around. A united front and all that good stuff. Anyway, please feel free to post away!


Current (March 24) Compilation:

-Fix things that have been broken since vanilla (see: Ultra 1 juggle)
-Slight damage improvements
-Better pressure options

-d/f+LK: revert to SSF4 properties
-f+MK: +3f on hit
-st.MP: damage increased (60 -> 70)
-cr.MK: hitbox slightly extended
-cr.HP: reduced startup (7f -> 6f)

-EX Hazanshu: breaks focus
-EX Lightning Legs: damage standardized (roughly 3x50 or 4x40 on entire cast)
-EX Spinning Bird: damage standardized (all hits connect) and hitbox adjusted (fix).

-Ultra 1: Full juggle into animation in corner against entire cast.
-Ultra 2: Damage buff to make this a more viable choice. 330–>350-400.


I found Azrael’s post in the old thread very well thought out and will repost it below as food for thought:

A few reposts to get us started…

These options are not listed in any specific order.

  1. Ultra 2 needs a damage increase. The damage needs to be upgraded to 380. Ultra 1 is not useful against every character, and she is severely handicapped when she does not have an ultra to allow for a comeback, like other characters do. The current damage isn’t much more than a standard combo from some characters.

  2. Back+Medium Kick registers as too many hits, which causes damage scaling to be more than it should. If you decrease the amount of registered hits, the scaling won’t be as significant, and there will be more damage output. You wouldn’t have to change anything about the way it looks or operates, just change the number of hits that the game registers from it.

3)Back+Medium kick TC should output 200 damage. Chun Li needs a lot of help when she doesn’t have EX. In addition to registering less hits, we feel that it needs more damage.

4)Downforward + lk needs to be restored to what it was in Super SF4. Chun Li’s main anti-air is st.mk, but it often trades, and it does next to no damage. Its very easy to accidently do Back+MK instead of this while walking backwards.In addition its not always applicable. Right now almost any character can jump in on Chun li very easily and theres not much she can really do about it.

5)EX Spinning Bird Kick needs to be better against Akuma’s Dive kick and Viper’s Burn Kicks. Arguably her worst matchups, and why she is not considered by many to be a tournament viable character. When Chun Li is knocked down by these characters, there is next to nothing she can do to get out of the vortex mixups that these characters have. What we advocate will not actually make these matchups in her favor, but will make them far more fair. Akuma has a nearly endless list of options against Chun Li when she’s knocked down. All of these options are supported by the fact that he has a very strong Dive Kick that stuffs EX Spinning Bird Kick. It makes it too risky to use. We argue that since EX Spinning Bird Kick requires meter, that it should, without any question be stronger. EX Meter is a valuable resource in this game, and for Chun Li this is even more true, because everything she has depends on her meter. She can only do EX SBK up to 4 times in a row (without building meter, obviously) so asking that this move beat Akuma’s dive kick is not unreasonable. Akuma still has option selects off of his palm that he can use a lot against her even with the EX SBK improvements.
With C.Viper, the burn kicks allow her to apply so much pressure on Chun Li to the point where the match is just a shallow guessing game, and we feel that with EX SBK beating her burn kicks, the matchup will be more fair, and more interesting to everyone.

  1. EX SBK should be FADCable: This will cost three meters, and it will give Chun li an option out of safe jumps that would only be used in rare situations, because of how expensive it is. Many characters can safe jump her seemingly endlessly
  2. EX Hazanshu needs to focus break in addition to being one less frame on startup. Chun Li is supposed to be a very strong mid range character, but many don’t respect her in this range if they have a good fireball and/or can simply punish her with a focus crumple. Being that this will burn EX, it will be based on the Chun Li user making a read on the opponent, if they fail to make the correct read, they will be punished and lose meter. So we don’t feel this is broken in any way.

8)Light, Medium and Heavy legs should build more EX meter regardless of whether it hits. In addition to being a strong mid range character, Chun li is supposed to be a “run away” character, but theres really no penalty to allowing her to do such a thing. Chun Li depends on meter so much that she should have a safe way to build up as much meter as possible

  1. st.hk needs to be safe against 3 frame uppercuts on block. Frametraps are a key aspect of the SF4 engine and in an effort to make Chun Li’s toolset reflect that moreso, her main frame trap needs to be safe, like most other frame traps, if they are blocked. her main frame trap is cr.lp st.HK

  2. Ultra 1 should juggle the entire cast in the corner This is something we’ve been asking for for a very long time, we don’t understand why U1 shouldn’t juggle every character in the corner. When playing against Akuma, U1 is often viewed as the proper choice in the match, the idea is to stop his fireball and his sweep (which, if chun li gets knocked down, the match is essentially over) if Akuma has his U1, we can’t punish his sweep and one of purposes to having this ultra is gone, With that being said, Akuma, specifically, should juggle in the corner.

11)cr.lk cr.lk EX Legs does not work on blanka properly. This needs to be fixed for obvious reasons. If you successfully hit cr.lk cr.lk you cant get ex legs if the blanka player is holding down back

Even though she is my main char i always forget that ex hazanshu´s not focus break… I would like to her to have a little more health and a damage buff on ultra 2.