2013 Game Line Up Predictions


Definitely early, but I feel the following year has the most competition we’ve seen for the assumed 6 slots. Discuss why you think a game will get in and what deserves to get in even if you don’t think it will make it.

My prediction:

Injustice - good or bad, WB will buy their way in
Dead or Alive 5 - Though it may be cannibalized by TT2 presence as a 3D fighter

PS: All Stars - I really don’t want it, but it may be pushed on us
SFxT - Game is pretty much dead due to the dislike of the game but Capcom is desperate to keep it alive and there’s a major patch so we’ll see.
SC5 - Did well this year, but suffers from a lot of more plausible competition for spots on the list
Persona 4 - I know nothing of the series, but it wouldn’t shock me to see this in the mix



You late bro…


Ah close this then.