2013 Stealth NERF discovered



…and its bad, real bad…

Double Lariat does 100 down from 150 that is ASS.

LOUSY, they need to put it back.


I know, the moment I figured that out, I was really pissed about it…lol


Can someone test KKK lariats new hitbox? Do the last hit, hit crouching?


Hi TKS, I remember you asking that yesterday and I tested it but forgot to write it in the boards: none of the hits connect with crouching opponents. Don’t know why they took that out of the initial build, I’ve pretty much never used kick lariat since that day.


where is the changelog for zangief? Im not a regular player of sfxtk but I played a few matchs yesterday to see what changed and it seemed to me that his PPP lariat’s startup is quite slower, and his s.MP’s recover seemed slower aswell.


I really haven’t noticed any significant differences with his St.Mp, well apart from what’s been stated already. PPP Lariat seems to be the same also, although, when mistimed, it does give your opposition the chance to land a full combo.


Lariat seems to have less invincibility or a bigger hurtbox. It keeps getting stuffed by stuff I’ve easily anti aired before.


I doubt it. Not noticed any difference. It does however, and has always been losing to random jump attacks in this game.


Im glad