2013 The year of the arcade stick


So I came late to Umvc3 actually missed the drop of the game entirely, but I am here now. I was a avid arcade player a decade ago getting my but kicked in games like x men vs street fighter and marvel vs capcom 1 & 2. The arcade scene unfortunately died in my town and I was forced to turn to consoles for my beloved fighting games. For 10 long years I played on this soulless controller pad, but no more for as of last Friday I now play on a arcade stick. It was like Christmas when the Ups guy showed up with the box that undoubtedly held my new arcade stick, no on second thought it was better then Christmas I loved it before I even opened the box and love it even more after practicing on it for two days. I find that interesting that practicing moves and combos on my arcade stick is as much fun as actually playing the game on pad, maybe more fun. Maybe people can’t understand, but to me this is a really epic thing and I wanted to have a memory of that epicness so I made this video/slideshow
[media=youtube]dVtqP3LG1iU[/media] to try to capture the moment its my first shot at anything like it and the footage is from a cell phone so please excuse the quality.


So if you’re new to arcade stick and wants to share your story, or you’re a pro and can give some great insight or tips, or just want to converse please by all means leave a reply.


Sticks are cool. Practice up.


Nice, an Eightarc.


Yeah I am strictly playing this game only in training mode right now input display on reps of qcfs and srks from both sides of the screen and basic magic series combos several times a day


I love it so much its huge and i am a big guy so that just makes it properly sized.


I love my Eightarc.


which one did you get?


You rich people with your eightarcs
I still use a 1 button stick because I can’t afford 8 or even 6 buttons
it conveniently works with footdive


I use a modded SE I got whenever SEs came out. Replaced the stick twice I think, and the buttons once. Still has default SF4 art, except I put stickers all over it because stickers are awesome, and the default plastic art thing has peeled off below the buttons where my hand sits, and I think it’s dirty from my hand sitting on that spot or rusty. It dies every once in a while, but I can open it up, look at it, and it starts working again for some reason.

Be jelly.


I have a boatload of JLFs, but since I’ve been getting back into shmups again, I’m investing in a Seimitsu for the first time.

So the excitement I’ll have after I install it will probably be something similar to the OP’s. ;p


Hey you could map it to heavy and run hulk and vergil mash St H mash gamma charge mash helmbreaker mash rapid slash etc etc


also not rich at all used some of my living expense money from school so probably will be eating ramen at end of semester


whats the dif between a Seimitsu and Sanwa stick? The buttons I know as I have seimitsu buttons on my TE stick, but what of the stick/restrictor


thats the spirit

starvation combos


its worth it every day I play on my eightarc and every day I love it more and am gradually getting better and better execution of specials and combos its cool I like ramen


Well, there’s a bunch of differences, but the simple reason is that in general, Seimitsus have a shorter throw range, so it takes less force to actually have the stick register your inputs. It’s more important for twitchy stuff that requires quick taps or precise movements like shootemups, platformers, etc.

Sanwas have a smoother feel, which is why they’re more generally favored for fighters.

It’s all preference, though. There’s no reason you can’t use either of them and do well. I just want the Seimitsu cause I’m failing in shmups cause the throw on my Sanwas is making it hard to move quickly and minutely.


nice, now get the VLX


The Fusion Sapphire. Then swapped the buttons out for Sanwa OBSC-30 and a Paradise Blue bubble top from paradise arcade. (The Sapphire originally came with Seimitsu parts)