2013 Vega wishlist

I just wanted:

  • invincibility frames on the startup of Ex scarlet terror or Ex FBA.
  • his super should do 300 damage when coming from the wall, and 330 when going toward opponent.
  • close st.hp to connect from a little further.

Any more ideas?

Capcom will never see this but…

i frames on ST wont happen
Super damage will not get buffed

agree with sHP buff. It would be nice but not necessary
I just want PoM to combo on crouching opponents
A bonus is to have CH not whiff on crouching opponents and be safe on block.
I couldnt ask for more and not expect people to whine about how broken he is

Cosmic heel hitting crouchers would be great. Being able to combo of the overhead on a croucher would be fantastic.

Bringing back hard kick kara throw would be the icing on the cake!

  • Lower HP to 900.
  • When Mask comes off it can’t be picked up. No Mask Penalty.
  • Cr mp 5 frame startup but same total frames.
  • Cr lp have one less frame of recovery.
  • An anti air. Preferably frames 3-6 has air crush on air throw. Or frames 10-14 of air crush on CH.
  • CH hit crouchers
  • Combo on croucher with PoM

Or just EX SHC fireball invulnerable
Trading for RCF’s I frames.

I feel like if he had at least one of those it would make up for any flaws that he has.

me no likey. I’m fine with his current anti air lol.

mfw nothing remotely close to these wish lists came true and vega got nerfed instead

fuck this game

I don’t think he was just nerfed. He was just… changed a bit overall. I don’t think his changes really make or break his character, though the changes to ST seems nice.

That said, a Comboable PoM would’ve been nice. :frowning:

cr. lp 1 frame link again lololol

I cant complain. After I saw how Capcom killed Ibuki everything seems like a light nerf. Ibuki had huge problems but now she just got alot worse. Not only did they not address her glitches at all but they just nerfed her alternate ways around them. Yet Chun li gets buffed…Wow. I just can’t believe it.

Yeah I can’t believe that shit either man. Wait till I see you next and I’ll really tell you what I think about that.

More reliable U1

what are the changes on ST exactly?..does it means what i think it does?..longer combos for vega?..also anyone else has the feel that FBA hitbox is going to be as bad as it was in SF4 and that “The knock back timing on hit and on block has been changed” means that SHC is going to be unsafe again on block and hit…the changes on Clp ans crmk are very bad…vega loses the little frame trap ability it had

vega got nerfed hard, hahaha. At least king got buffed. I’ll probably drop Vega, i don’t think he really works in this game to begin with and now he’s just way worse.

The main thing Vega does have going for him, though, is the fact that stages are so big. Once you get under someone you’re good for a while. But the nerf to recovery on FBA? Where’s the logic lol it was already horribly slow

You mean they reduced the push back of fba on block?..or did they increased the recovery?..is that even possible?

Vega Nerfs:

  1. FBA nerfed hurtbox (NOT HITBOX) and reduced pushback on block- This could be huge if you were good with the FBA mixup. I doubt that the hurtbox nerf makes it too easy to AA, but as long as you get the knockdown and go for the mixup game it should still be a strong mixup. Having reduced pushback on block is a useless nerf since you should be making it safe with switch cancel anyways.

  2. Izuna hit box reduced. Again depending on how bad the nerf is, it could make FBA even more risky since the grab is a good defence against air to airs.

  3. Cr lp has one more frame of recovery. This is more annoying than anything, however it is nowhere near as bad as SSF4. First off you still have cr lk which is 4 frame startup, +1 on block and +5 on hit which you could confirm into cr mp from pretty good range (same range as Ibuki’s current st jab which is getting nerfed so hard) still and it hits low which would have been awesome in SSF4 but we never got it. Secondly you can still use st lk/cr mk from far range to go into your hit confirms which work really well since you don’t need charge for boost combos. Thirdly you could still use cr mp x lp RCF x tag for punishes instead which works quite well although you will need meter for that.

  4. Cr mk is -2 on block. This nerf makes sense considering how strong it is in the first place compared to most of the cast’s cr mks. Its still +5 on hit so it doesn’t affect combos at all.

  5. SHC possibly being trash again. Didn’t need it in SSF4 and I won’t need it now.

  6. MK ST does 80 damage instead of 100. MK ST is hardly ever used to begin with so this small damage nerf means hardly anything to me.

I don’t see what all the complaining is about. Most of the cast has also had hitbox nerfs AND hurtbox nerfs which will make it easy once again for Vega to dominate the footsie battle. Also many characters had massive nerfs that don’t even compare to Vega’s light nerfs. And Vega still got buffed too!

  1. NJ HK causes hard knockdown on airborne opponents. IF you can be guaranteed an air combo after NJ HK then at least that’s another AA that he has that does a ton of damage.

  2. HK/ EX ST got damage buff. The damage buff isnt too significant but it says that the count number increased which I am assuming means that you could do slightly longer combos. After a launcher you can cl mk, cr mk, cr mp, HK ST but the second hit would never work so I am assuming that you can now actually hit with it which would be a considerable difference in damage added with the damage buff it got.

The way that the game is changing is definitely going to benefit Vega. Making DPs unsafe and having faster grabs will make Vega’s offense way stronger.

I just heard that rolling is now unsafe… If this goes through then that may not be so good for Vega…

I i wonder if the faster grab also applies to airgrab…that would make it a very decent air to air

The cr.LP nerf definitely seems the most annoying. Am I correct in understanding it can no longer combo into itself?

If that’s so, then I suppose the hit confirm of choice is something along the lines of: cr.:lk:, cr.:lk:, cr.:mp: xx whatever

It’s been a long while since I touched SFxT so I forget specifics

no…clp is +4 now and it is 4 frames star up so it still combos into itself only now is a one frame link just like it was in SF4…glad they aparently forgot about clk

Ah, I see. That’s good, though still annoying. Thanks for the quick answer