2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams


To be fair, Phoenix Wright with meter isn’t helpless. He has access to an invincible reversal and a self-unblockable setup.


point Hsien Ko beats point Arthur.

Am I theory threading right?


You have obviously never seen MvC2 if you think MvC3 is bad. This game is already very diverse.


After playing against a good Phoenix Wright I honestly don’t think he’s even bottom 10. Turnabout is a lot cheaper than people give it credit for.


At least during mvc2 niggas played to be/beat the best. No staged drama or M’S and the collusion wasn’t public.


Hey guys, you probably know by now that Dormammu has a new TAC infinite that is much more consistent.

While it’s an amazing tool that makes Dormammu better, I feel like the infinite is (in a way) a huge buff to Firebrand too.

Previously, the main problems with Firebrand/Dormammu was meter build and the fact that if you did raw Stalking Flare and tried to unblockable with it on incoming, the incoming character can just take the hit from Stalkign Flare and they would be carried too high for Firebrand to convert. Well with this new infinite and being wary of your opponents health, you will always have meter and you can now guarantee that you can kill the first character with the infinite, unblockable the second, and kill (with a TAC or more meter).

It’s a long read but if you are interested in how this new infinite affects Firebrand, check out this thread I posted in the Firebrand forums.


You didn’t deny it. And I’m pretty sure Arthur isn’t viable at high-level play, but that’s just me.


i wonder will fchamp run dormammu and phoenix on the same team now.


he has played dorm morri phoenix in the past


You know, if Arthur had a dash and better autoguard on st.M, he would be a much better point. I’m imagining the bullshit of releasing an ax just before landing and wavedashing behind that hulking mass of durability, then beating out the opponent’s counter poke with st.M and confirming into a combo.

But on the Arthur we got, he is much better on second. He gets an assist to play with and meter to burn. However, he needs a point to build meter for him and abuse daggers. I feel Magneto/Arthur/Doom or Dante could be really good, but that’s just me. Haggar and Spencer fit the criteria for being good with daggers, but aren’t strong enough with daggers to carry the team in most matches like Magneto.


Morrigan. Doom IM

and dorm/doom/phoenix at a few tourneys around 2012 Canada cup


But still is a ROLL JOKE character. That was my first UMVC3 prophecy btw.


morrigan doom IM is one of my sub teams


What assist for IM?


Purple stuff is the way, and by that I mean thunderbolt, and no I don’t mean pikachu I mean devil trigger

As far as the post in the thread I am going to use a too short verse.
In regards to post
"Bitches so dumb I call
ya misdmisdemeanor" it must be a crime to be that dumb. Not dumb as in zero, but dumb as in do you even have brain cells.

However sorts on topic with the discussion I do wish people explored characters more with different teams. I HATE DOOM in this game yet I picked him up to play him with Dante just to see what he has with Dante. Hidden missiles with Dante that has meter is stupid. Also that guarantees Dante will build at least 2 meters and do reasonably good damage. However that assist doesn’t fix all his concerns. But it does a lot. If you have a great point Dante you could build 5 meters in 2 touches and its not hard on a team where he can setup an unblockable. So his battery ability being applicated towards giving meter to others is useful. I am sure most knew this though granted I have seen few Dante doom teams.

Also one last rant. I think Dante with meter is better than a lot or other characters in the game. I don’t think he is astral dumb yet or ss or even sougenmou but I believe he has a way to chip out characters when he has meter on the right team. I am working on developing this because I believe he can be played like strider in mvc2 in that regard. I think that could make that character dumb as a lockdown zoner. His chip using thunderbolt is already better than morrigans. I have found a way to safely do 65% chip with 1 bar. Only being blocked or punished through xfactor, invincible hyper. I hope to develop this and make the first effective zoning Dante team that can play competitively versus other teams and win.


Dante/Morrigan/doom or strider?


Neither is Thor/Dorm/Skrull.




Mechwarrior, be a pal and like this post. His match with Xian did not win the tier thread in my eyes but this post
is really close to it.


morrigan doom missiles/ironman beam

while it’s not as good as morri mag doom in some important cases it is fun for offensive morrigan