2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams


I personally think Joe is REALLY good against all ground characters. A proper team built around Joe shouldn’t have a problem against their pressure cause his assists should provide the space he needs to get going and then they should be able to help him maintain his lead so his opponent has trouble advancing. Anyone that can control the skies, prevent him from reaching the points on the screen that he wants to be at or throw out durability quicker than him seems to give him the most trouble. Basically anyone that doesn’t have to fight Joe on Joe’s terms seems to do well against him. The Joe specialist in our area seems to have the most difficulty against Magneto because of his speed and Mag Blast’s angles but I reckon Trish would be of annoyance and probably Zero & Modok.


I’m still waiting on an explanation on why Vajra bodies Joe seeing how his zoming is his movement is his zoning adn he’ll never have to worry about getting hit by Vajra due to that adn M Voomerang.


I see Joe having trouble with Vajra if he’s jumping up to throw charged Voomerangs. It shouldn’t do anything special against IAD Voomerang.


Im just curious [Im a marvel noob]

When i see someone wanting to play dorm doom, what are the advantages of krescent’s team {firebrand dorm doom] vs mag dorm doom, and what does modok add to the team? the only other team that makes sense to me is angelics team “wolv/dorm/doom” as mystic ray can cover the otg role as well as the full screen control role. Like i said im a marvel nub

"im in a marvel translation-al period. iv spent a little time looking into the games nuances but im not an expert. so dont if you “give me derp explanations that works but if you give me more advanced explanation i think ill get it”

PS: IDK shit about marvel like i said before. If you can explain it thanks


Firebrand gets dumb unblockable set ups with Stalking flare, MODOK’s beam assist eats up level 3 buster, and he can use dark hole or stalking flare to set up unblockables really well.

Also, on Spencer stuff, Joe and Viper both blow that character up. Viper can zone him really hard and safely, he shouldn’t really get in on her, especially when she has Jam Session. When I was playing seriously was when Knives was doing pretty well and I won the vast majority of the money matches we played (4/5 or so)

No normal jump zipping around, no arm, needs to be respectful of her yolo since there’s no flash for reaction and arm doesn’t work even if it’s the second thing done. He has a really hard time calling assists in that match up in a safe way. His plink dash is pretty solid, but his hurtbox is fairly wide which is terrible for all ground based characters fighting her.


Firebrand has his own oppressive zoning patterns with wall cling fireballs, which are safer against some of the cast and cover more angles than Disruptor + Magnetic Blast. I’m no Firebrand expert, but I think he gets better mixups off Dark Hole than Magneto (even excluding the unblockable setups). Firebrand is disadvantaged in that he builds less meter off confirms, so the Dorm infinite is important to learn if you want to put Dorm second. [Here’s a great analysis of how the infinite affects Stalking Flare unblockables.](A Reanalysis of the Stalking Flare Incoming Unblockable

MODOK has two great assists for Dorm in Barrier and Psionic Blaster. The former keeps Dorm safe so he can charge spells, retreat from a bad situation, zone safely with specials, or do mixups in the corner. The DHCs are pretty good (Hyper Psionic Blast -> Stalking Flare for set up, Killer Illumination -> Chaotic Flame as a punish, Hyper Battering Ram -> Stalking Flare on hit). There’s probably some potential in the HPB + CF THC; at least it should do ridiculous damage with Understanding Charges. Dark Hole has enormous durability and helps MODOK zone out opponents at midscreen. MODOK can set up the slime unblockable off Dark Hole blockstun as well.


Oddly enough, IM has an amazing matchup against v.joe. RB completely shuts down his close pressure game, missile + assist xx unibeam beats out his ground game. Joe has to go in against him and is forced to make reads to get past RB.

There’s a good chance that my old IM/RR team made our local Joe player quit the game for a good while…


dunno about joe (fuck that lil shit) but vajra assist bodies hawkeye.

maybe the “bodies” is too strong of a word but that assist hampers hawkeye a lot.


Second part of this video is bad v.joe matchup. Thus series is also one of the best video tutorials on joe.


Anybody willing to try Joe should have seen all of the Reid tutorial videos. Very insightful. He never discusses his bad assist matchups and Varja does well against any air dominant character for reasons that are obvious. Hsien-Ko is still Hsien-Ko. He doesn’t beat her but its not that bad. Only a one-trick-pony VJoe would lose decisively to her.


the guide is very incomplete, doesnt mention some real bad matchups of joe that make the joe player want to throw the stick/pad. Thor, Morrigan, Zero, etc. I dont think Ammy is that bad for Joe, the dude that made the guide apparently just focused on reflector but Joe can use that hyper cannon on reaction to take 40% health of ammy out, i dont think ammy has any real advantage against joe other than okami shuffle in neutral game. And lol@hsienko being a bad matchup for joe, not sure if serious


i dont think the cannon is fast enough unless ur at point blank?


joe throw a voomerang, ammy activate reflector H on reaction, joe use the cannon, if ammy deactivate reflector she will be hit by voomerang in recovery frames and then by cannon in a two hits link. Joe with 2 bars and XF is an assist killer btw so ammy cant be calling assists so freely either


Can you explain that long range Ammy bead into infinite confirm thing you mentioned? Really starting to dig her as an anchor.


You can’t confirm ground bead normals unless you xfactor cancel

in the air you have to change your confirm depending on the angle and height but a good way to start is
bead jh, switch to glaive, glaive dive, switch to beads, jh, land, switch to sword, sm, sh, qcf+l, 6hhhh infinite (usually you crossup after the qcf+l, so you have to do 6h the other way (4h))
you can also charge up the qcf+l a little to affect the timing

I think that’s the confirm I use. I haven’t played the game in so long tbh that I don’t even remember, but I think that’s it tho.

ah yes, that is indeed the confirm
it works a good 85% of the time, but at some heights you have to do different things
ie. sometimes you can just get away with jh beads, switch sword, glaive dive, land, infinite
you will figure it out I think. . . you just get used to it and it becomes an eyeing thing


This is funny enough that I’m not even mad.
I saved this shit LOL. Priceless.


Shoultz is absolutely hilarious once he’s leveled up. Don’t believe this fraud.


I was being facetious before. The matchup is actually worse than Reid shows since most Hsien-Ko players don’t play a decent neutral game. He doesn’t show that Joe has no ground normal that can deal with st.L or st.H or how Red Hot Kick is nearly impossible to land against TK Gong H + plink dash. j.S gets stuffed by f.M, f.H, and j.H. Gong beats most projectile assists so he can’t counter-call her assists or use them to get in, while she can easily do both. The only projectile assist that really helps him is Whirlwind. Additionally his inability to force her to block decimates his ability to build meter, which was already a problem considering he can’t build much in the first place.

It doesn’t matter than Hsien-Ko is Hsien-Ko (and most people in the community are clueless in what she can actually do anyway). Joe doesn’t have the tools to make her respect him at any point in the match.


Dorm/Thor/Skrull is what I use, and it’s pretty dominating if you’re proficient at the opening moves by now like I am.
Mighty Spark assist is ideal for getting charges freely AND mixups when rushing.
Something to always remember in this regard is that on paper = / = in practice for basically over 20% of everything about this game lol


If memory serves, Task and Cap should do fairly well against Joe. Those two can keep moving while beating out most of what Joe tries to do. Task is overall better because he can out durability Joe once he gets momentum and can punish Joe’s Mach Speed very well. I can see Jill being really good versus him too.