2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams


The theory thread is so next level we not only talk about stuff people don’t do, we talk about stuff people can’t do.


it’s not a big deal but any small advantage can turn into a big opportunity, it’s marvel. literally a few extra frames of not being able to call an assist can change situations. things like hidden missiles, magblast, soul fist, unibeam, hadangeki, arrows, drones, random jabs or air normals, round trip, are all moves that can feasibly hit your assist. grounded assists don’t get stunned as long. the otg isn’t as big of a deal as the time to recall the assist.


I like that you touched on this.

THE biggest strength you can have when you play this game?
Being a complete opportunist.

Capitalize on EVERYTHING; the more hitconfirms you succeed with, the less you have to
get in your foe’s head, and less strain on yours!




so i was playing some online taskmaster guy and zoning the *** out of him with Dormammu as usual, then he shield skill’d a 1D2C (meteor shower or whatever its called) then taskmaster XF’d and did another shield skill and he went through 1D2C, oo. Still bodied him but that was cool


Did hell freeze over? Serp giving Taskmaster props?!?
I ran Spencer/Doom/Skrull in a tourney yesterday and got sent to losers by StaticAlpha (Viper/Doom/Strider)
In losers I ran Spencer/Task/Skrull cause my Task is cheaper and my Doom sucks/is too honest. Reset bracket 3-1 & won 3-1. He didn’t have an answer for Task/Skrull 8)


idk why but i just found out that deadpool can combo off his alpha counter without xfcing as long as he does teleport. and you can do that into the basic unscale combo for 1mil alpha counter that uses no bar

but ugh, his teleports don’t reset when he tags for some retarded reason

and my execution sucks nuts. i really wish i had good enough execution to play deadpool because i still think deadpool/nova/strider is fucking RIDICULOUS if you can meet that execution barrier


Which are the execution intensive elements of Deadpool that are difficult to handle?


The 3rd teleport always exploding.


being able to hit the unscale 100% of the time in all the scenarios possible. including the taunt unscales

i can hit unscales in canned situations and the canned situations apply to a lot of gameplay situations too, but not 100% of the time. more like 70% when i was practicing it hard.

the big thing is that you have to adjust and remember the different heights for certain chars, who all happen to be top/high tier. zero and mags in particular have a lot weirder ones (you have to hit zero much lower than usual and mags much higher), but in general it’s just the difficulty of getting the teleport->dash->launch exactly the same 100% of the time alongside getting the right height for the j.h bolo

in general they’re not -that- hard but it’s a matter of being able to perform them in the heat of the moment alongside consistently doing them

also this ties into my bad execution but you 100% absolutely need to plinkdash with him because his wavedashes suckkkkk
he cant wavedash backwards (he just does an in place wiggle) so you need to be able to plinkdash to be able to move around effectively


grandpa tab


I have done this against all of Dorm’s spells. It also works against Dante’s QCF HH, which surprised me and the other guy I was playing (Cloud)

Never in my life have I seen a Deadpool use his taunt in a serious match


Deadpool’s back plink dash is just as bad as the wave dash, it won’t get you out of any tight situation. It does look funny though.


one of them moves him backwards faster than walking and one of them makes him wiggle in place and die so not really, yeah, his plinkdash is still pretty bad comparatively but consider that over ‘literally nothing’ and you understand why it needs to be in your options
it’s really important you can move backwards. like seriously it’s really really important to be able to move backwards quickly in this game

the unscale variant combo that uses the taunt is particularly harder than the non-unscaled one because you have to hit the taunt button and assist immediately afterwards at a pretty awkward time. i ended up having to rewire one of my face buttons to taunt to make it easier but even then it was still pretty weird


It starts with simple rewiring, ends with 4 extra buttons. Be careful.


Speaking of Crossover counters. Do you guys think crossover counters will end up being a big thing in the future of this game or will it just be one of those features that are just there only for specific characters.(Ex Jill,Sentinel ect) Because I think that beam assist might end up becoming something good to crossover counter especially on people who do like helmbreaker SHSH blockstring because a character like doom can cross over counter into plasma beam and cancel into Photon Array and then X-Factor dead vergil or cross over counter into lvl 3.Just let me know


Alpha Counters are criminally underused imo. There are lots of situations where you can counter into super > kill or XF > kill and people aren’t using them yet (even outside of the invinicible alpha counters, which are even more criminally underused.) Any of the fast startup assists like Cart, Tatsu, EMD, etc have potential for some nice reaction punishes.


It’ll be used more. Morrigan instantly comes to mind. Buckethead uses it quite a bit. It really is only a few characters that can get something significant from it.


Well CCs I believe have been universally good against Vergil just because they remove all the hurtboxes Vergil needs to cancel his moves on. Disregarding potential resource use as long as they have a reasonable way to convert off of it I’m sure any char would be good for the job of CCing against Vergil.

VS any other character I’m not sure though since if your CC isn’t invincible you run the risk of your opponent continuing to press buttons and potentially blowing up that meter you so delicately attempted to spend


Best crossovers are going to be the ones you can cancel out of for a full combo. Happy Birthdays everytime you cc would be great for limiting some characters mixup strength